PyWeek - Wezu, the Third - feedback

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3 5 4

Very nice looking, somewhat creepy character; the movement was way too slow though.

3 3 3

Solid game! I like the basic idea and the scoring. The controls and camera movement make it hard
to enjoy the game though. I think turning is not an important part of the game. Same for camera
control. Just fix the camera to show one side, and allow me to use up/down/left/right to move
up/down/left/right, from the view of the camera (not 1st person-style). Make the avatar move
much faster. Like pacman :). Now you could add a timer or monsters to make the player work
faster. Add an end-game condition and a high-score table. It would be awesome! Oh, and include
a README file, so I know what is your own work and what is licensed.

3 4 3

I've never really looked into panda3d before, but it looks pretty awesome! And this p3d
package that can be embeded into a web page, sounds really interesting. Thanks for that!

2 5 3

Great graphics! Unfortunately the gameplay mechanics are not as refined. This turn based
movement makes the game too slow paced. Maybe a first or third person camera would have made the
game more dynamic.

1 1 1 yes

Installed Panda 3D Runtime. Could not start p3d file, either from commandline or by double
clicking the p3d file.

4 4 4

That lady's fixing to get slapped.

3 4 3

The graphics are really cool, but the controls are a bit slow, too much time between each action
I think... Also, be aware the WASD does not export very well on non QWERTY keyboards, so it
should not be used except is necessary.

2 3 3

Game didn't end, left all of one color to the very end to get a super high score, but the game
didn't end.

2 3 4

This is a cool Idea. I want to actually play it. But I really don't feel like I can actually play
this game with the controls and camera. Not sure why, with all this attention to detail with a
fully 3d environment, textured and with nice shaders and AA (it looks very nice by the way and I
am excited to examine your source), that the game has such poor controls and camera. For a game
that requires so much looking around a 3D space, locking the camera to one direction is not very
fun. And the movement could still be more responsive without even requiring you to allow a full
range of motion with more complicated collision detection (though Ihink that would be ideal,
you did only have a week). I don't like feeling that my input is being ignored (as far as button
presses), in a game like this, especially when I need to move quickly before my memory fades.
This was still a cool idea, and very well executed beyond the controls/camera.

4 3 4

Clever idea, good use of the theme and a nice implementation. The 3d graphics are excellent and
the cubes look great. I really like that you walk up the walls and the whole room rotates. The
game is a nice blend of the match objects and a concentration mechanic. Nicely done.

3 4 4

Really nice 3D graphics, nifty concept, sometimes feels a bit onerous having to walk around,
walking is a bit slow, though interesting because by the time you walk, you start to forget
where the colours are, so becomes challenging.

4 4 4

This was a pretty fun game! I wasn't expecting to play it for as long as I did, but it became a
memory challenge for me. :) It took some getting used to the character walking towards the
screen instead of "forward" being away from the screen, but it didn't cause me too much

1 4 2

As I do with most entries, I attempted to run this from the source code that was supplied, but I
couldn't get the panda3d stuff to work. Giving the developers the benefit of the doubt, I
installed the .exe and gave it a run instead. I'll admit, I was impressed with the presentation
of this game - I've never seen a 3D game quite like this designed in python before. The music,
models, and textures were really spectacular as well. However, there was no introduction or
menu of any sort; it just kind of throws you into the game, which isn't a big deal but I didn't know
what to do.

I went digging through the read-me again to figure out how to play, and once I'd got that figured
out I began playing.

I get that the game is a memory challenge. I admit I have prejudice against these kinds of games
since they're usually not fun for me. This was something I tried to take into account when
playing this - I knew I probably wouldn't like it, so I tried to gauge it against how much I
expected to enjoy it.

As it turns out, it was even less fun than I had expected: the game talks every time you do
anything... anything at all, which isn't necessarily bad design but it was an unnecessary
addition. It didn't feel like the game was nagging me, but I would have preferred the game
didn't talk. Furthermore, every time you want to walk over to another cube, turning your
character will also turn the camera. This only added to the frustrating challenge of trying to
memorize everything - having to do that AND keep track of which angle you were looking from
before just seemed too overwhelming. The controls really needed to be worked on as well - this
game could have benefited from using controls similar to a 3D platformer where the character
moves relative to the perspective of the viewer. Instead, you have to turn like a tank and move
forward in a straight line, which made the game painfully slow and difficult to control. I get
that I shouldn't compare this to other games, but it's honestly such a minor programming
inconvenience to have worked that part out so the controls didn't interfere with the
gameplay, which is why I'm really disappointed in this respect. I ended up giving up early on;
the game tested my patience and I simply couldn't play it anymore.

Once I was done playing, I attempted to uninstall the game (as I do with all pyweek games once I'm
done trying them out), but despite there being an impressive installer, I was less than
impressed by the lack on an uninstaller... oi. As it turns out, there really WAS one, but you
have to go digging for it, plus it's not labeled as "Uninstall Room Cube" or anything like that,
it's just "Uninstall". A small mistake, but a bit annoying on the user's end.