Neither Sharks Nor Shoals

My first pyweek, and all my programmerring friends have deserted me (as well as desserted me)
My only hope is to be a Ninja, and hope the Conservation Of Ninjitsu/Inverse Ninja Law applies to coders.


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Finally, some progress

I finally started working on my game (Yes, on day three. Shut up), now that I've got an idea in mind.

My game is a courtroom adventure, where a robot is accused of breaking one of his Prime Directives. So far I've been working on the script, and done a little work writing some code to parse my simple text format. (Mainly so I can have it complain when I forget to write one of the conversation paths)

The game is essentially text with some icons, so I haven't yet decided on the format. I'm thinking of doing a pygame-based "chatroom" system, but I could just as easily render it to HTML. Not sure if that really counts as a python game, since I'd just be using it to convert a script to html, which is then played.

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Well, after finally making some progress I'm out. Hardware problems on the server mean that I've got to spend the next few days fixing things or spend the next few weeks without any internet.

Getting a full-time job really killed my chances :(. When I first signed up, I was unemployed and recently out of school, so tons of free time. now that I've got to spend 10 hours a day at work or driving to/from work, not so much time for viderogame making. Oh well, maybe next pyweek!

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