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I don't enjoy playing this kind of rts games :-)

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i dont mean to be mean, as i like the game, but i cant see innovation, the ai was super fast at resource gathering but would never attack me, and the art production was clarly the result of a programmer. and i dont see the steam theme anyware. sorry.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but I think this game really needs some kind of tutorial or a more thorough explanation of the mechanics, because I was all at sea, and nothing made any sense. Tooltips might have helped. I'll be interested to see what this turns into if you continue to develop it, but at the moment it feels like a broken Civ clone... Sorry :(

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Pretty good for what it was trying to be. This could be a great game if you developed it.

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Well done, Keep at it! :)

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the game is too big to be created by one guy in one week. there is still much work to be done.

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The game is quite unfinished, and doesn't add anything new to the RTS genre. The graphics are
also somewhat messy. The engine might have potential, but not without major upgrades.

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Ambitious project! I like the idea, but I find it hard to play. I couldn't figure out how to attack anything - although I was able to make new builder units and new buildings, I couldn't seem to produce anything capable of crossing the trench.

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Pathfinding is vital in a game like this. It's practically unplayable without it...

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the game could be a lot better with just a little more work.

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Well, it looks like it has potential, but the pathfinding issues are a bit too severe. Even when trying to guide the units manually, my peasants got stuck in so many places I didn't really get anything harvested.

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I couldn't really figure out what to do, but then again I'm not a big RTS player so perhaps I'm not the "target market" of a game like this.

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I thought it was really cool that you made an rts this advanced in a week.

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A simple standard RTS. Game needs A* badly to be more playable. Also seems to have a few crashes in it. But good attempt.

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I wasn't really able to figure out how to play it. It appeared the little dudes didn't know how walk around obstacles. I tried telling one to build a road something (I think), and he hit something and continued walking without moving. Some buttons and sprites appeared unresponsive. Graphics did look pretty good.

Games like this, where you have a lot of resources to manage in complex ways, ought to have more extensive documentation than "For more infomation, just try things."

Game was buggy, and crashed on me from time to time.

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This game needs better pathfinding to even be playable... Would be nice to have some sort of tooltip on the construction menu, too.

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could have made better. good effort

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This game was pretty confusing. I didn't know what the different units were and what they could
do. After a while I figured out that some of the units were like peons in Warcraft that can
collect stuff and build stuff. I figured the two other guys I had were soldiers, but as there was
a dried river or something that they couldn't cross, they were pretty useless. I managed to
build a couple of aeroplanes after some trying and then destroyed all of the enemy's units and
buildings. The enemy didn't do a very good job at defending himself. In fact he did nothing at
all. Long story short, I think the biggest problem in this game is the usability. It's hard to
figure out what the different things do, and your units can't do pathfinding, so it is very hard
to control them. Also it seemed like I couldn't always build stuff even though I had resources,
and that was very confusing. If the game was playable, had better AI or a multiplayer mode, and
had more maps, it might be fun. The graphics in the game are pretty good although some of it looks
a bit confusing at first, like the builder sprite. It took me a while to realise he was carrying a
basket. At first I though he was just a tall guy. I would've hoped that the theme was used more
closely. There could be various steam powered units for example. Now it seems that the
resources you collect are used to make steam, but the resources in RTS games are usually pretty
arbitrary anyways, so it doesn't make the game any more interesting really.

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Couldn't really get into it. The lack of pathfinding made moving units around fairly hard. Looks like it has promise but needs more polish.

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I'm always impressed when people work on rts games for competitions. You did pretty well with this, although the combat is hard to figure out.

The game crashed on me after about 10 minutes. I didn't catch an error message, sorry.

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pretty good graphics :) i found the interface a little confusing, but that might be because i have never played an rts.