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I like the basic idea (assuming it's meant to invoke something of the inevitability of mutual
assured destruction and feeling that when you start playing it's already too late and you've
lost), it has promise, but it needs more of a game built up around it.

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could not figure out which version of pyglet I should use (tried and 1.1.4, non worked)

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Sincerely, I don't understand this game.

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It is more art than game but I appreciated it. It would have been more apt during the Cold War. I
think it is accepted nowadays that there are other ways out of stockpiling nuclear weapons
than mutual destruction.

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not really anything to do.

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maybe i was meant to play with someone else, but holding down buttons until i don't want to
wasn't all the fun to me.

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I really have no idea what the game is.

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It's somewhat bizarre, and somewaht amusing, but not actually a game.

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File "D:\Downloads\MutualAssuredDestruction\mad\", line 1, in import
mad.__main__ File "D:\Downloads\MutualAssuredDestruction\mad\mad\",
line 14, in window.set_icon(icon32, icon64, icon128) File
"C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\pyglet\window\win32\", line 793, in
set_icon icon = get_icon(image) File
"C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\pyglet\window\win32\", line 774, in
get_icon data = image.get_data(format, pitch) AttributeError: 'TextureRegion' object
has no attribute 'get_data'

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It's a neat little idea, not much of a game, but well done for what it is. It's too bad your earlier
ideas didn't pan out!

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it run

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this is not a game

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My understanding of the game is "Do not release the buttons or die". So "GAME" could not be the
correct word.

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I'm so confused because your last diary entry says 'I finished a game'... but I'm pretty sure
this isn't a game. For me you press and hold the m,a,d and when they're realised 3 rockets on the
left side fly up and 3 rockets on the right fly down and the screen is then split horizontally
with both screens saying 'dead'. I'll be objective. There is no objective. That said I have
played Mutual Assured Destruction a couple more times than some other games purely because I
assumed I have missed something vital. It's clear that I did miss a vital instruction. Don't
release the m,a,d keys. Now... I don't know if this really is your finished idea... but this
version could be very close to a finished game. It's clearly intended to be two player so it's a
battle to see who can hold the keys down the longest right? Graphics are hot though. Great
colours and playful pixels. Your logo - I don't know why - made me really want to play, and
probably the title too.