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Game name: Maande

The word "Maande" is taken from the West Low German (Low Saxon) language, spoken by about 10 milion people in northwest Germany and the Netherlands. It means "basket" in English.


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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 2.3
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 2

Respondents: 21


File Uploader Date
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Walker 2010/04/03 21:39
final submission
mmkay 2010/04/03 21:08
seventh level! sent by Walker
mmkay 2010/03/31 23:08
First playable version
mmkay 2010/03/31 22:54

Diary Entries

First two days

Day one - mostly thinking on the game idea.

Day two - we've decided what the game name will be - Maande, which means "basket" in West Low German (Low Saxon) language. Walker also set up a git repository for the source code. Rest of the day - mostly laziness, but also the core mechanics of the... well, basket. And a cart.

Maybe not much to show, but I think we'll come up with the playable game within the week. I don't expect it to be one of the best, but the whole challenge is more about fun from creating our own game, than competing with others.

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Day 3 and 4

The game is already quite playable, I've pointed out all the things we've got and things we still have to do, and I accidentally clicked on one of the links. Don't have enough power to write it again anymore, but just see the screenshot on the main page and the one below, sent by Walker - it's fairly hard in the seventh level, but if you are good enough, you can play until you die - there is no last level. :D It's working, it's working!

We still need to create more in-game art, falling objects, music and some proper main menu.

In the game, you'll have to catch the falling objects. You're moving the basket by moving the mouse.

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Final submission

We ended a few hours ago. It was a quite entertaining challenge and I can surely say that we have learned a lot during these days.

The game is fully playable, but still misses a few features, such as a highscore list. We tried really hard, but we did not manage to make a single .exe file for Windows.

The main goal was to create a simple, playable game with all the stuff (including graphics and music) made by ourselves. We did fulfil our own expectations and had fun doing it — that's the most important thing.

Maande is all about catching things into the basket which, as written in the main menu, wobbles a bit. :) Be aware of navy crosses, they devour your points tremendously.

Looking forward for your feedback...

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