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4 4 4

The game got *way* easier once I changed the control scheme. Looks like you intentionally went
with AZXC, which is a little odd. Hopefully everyone else was able to figure out how to switch it
too. Pretty cool level design with some good variety of mechanics. I thought the last level was
pretty funny.

4 4 4

I feel like a ninja, falling from the skies on top of clowns. You know, like they used to in the
olden days. I like the level where you have to block one entrance with a fridge. :) Graphics are
nice, controls are weird (why AZXC?). Sounds would be nice, but time is tight so that's fine.
Great game overall!

2 2 3

no sound, nice idea, maybe tolerate some player mistakes to have a chance to complete the

3 3 3

Thanks for letting me re-assign the controls.

3 3 3

Clowns really are creepy.

4 4 3

Needs some balancing, but looks good! :)

3 3 3

Maybe its just me, but the levels are super hard (clown too fast), and in combination with the
counter-intuitive default controls it is near impossible. For the life of me, I can't get past
level 3.

2 3 3

I like the cutscene art at the start. Kinda cool game, good that you could interact with objects
in the world. I couldn’t get past level 3 … couldn't get up past the platform when I killed the
first clown. Theres a background transparency error with the main character (comes out white
instead of transparent) on my machine (osx, pygame 1.9.2).

3 3 3

Nice game. Quite a challenging difficulty and the controls are a bit fiddly because the keys
seem too close together at least for my fingers! By nice opening cinematic and cut graphics for
the main game. I like the puzzle element to the platforming!

3 4 3

Solid little platformer. The combination of tight time limits and near pixel-perfect jumps
is not my favourite style of game, though.

3 3 3

Clowns, the things of nightmares.

2 3 3

Not bad, but quite fiddly with the controls.

4 3 3

Oh noes. On level 1 I picked up the safe or water cooler or whatever it is, and jumped up on the
table, and dropped it on the edge of the table to block the evil clown. But then I was stuck
between a pie and a hard place. :) I couldn't move, couldn't jump out, couldn't pick up the
object, couldn't kill the evil clown. Stuck. But escape key was handy. :)

I could not solve the level where you stack the multiple boxes.

I really enjoyed the back story in pictures. Good setup.

Thanks for the tip on changing the keys. I can't use the ZXC keys effectively.

Clever puzzles. Challenging. Pretty solid mechanics.

Tip: This didn't affect my vote. I would have appreciated a master volume setting for music and
sfx. You can easily use math to level the volume of different sfx (loud or soft) like so:
level_adjust=0.5; master_vol=0.5 sfx.set_volume(level_adjust*master_vol); results
in 0.25. Put this data in a and import it. This makes it easy to find and edit a global
setting to taste. As it was, I hunted down the volume easily enough. It is not always so easy
hunting it down. :)

Thanks for a fun game!

1 1 1 yes

C:\Python34\python.exe "C:/Users/TJ/Desktop/Coulrophobia 1-4/Coulrophobia
1-4/" Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Users/TJ/Desktop/Coulrophobia
1-4/Coulrophobia 1-4/", line 746, in game.loop() File
"C:/Users/TJ/Desktop/Coulrophobia 1-4/Coulrophobia 1-4/", line 703, in loop
self.level.update() File "C:/Users/TJ/Desktop/Coulrophobia 1-4/Coulrophobia
1-4/", line 537, in update object.update() File
"C:/Users/TJ/Desktop/Coulrophobia 1-4/Coulrophobia 1-4/", line 120, in update if
self.getCollide(): File "C:/Users/TJ/Desktop/Coulrophobia 1-4/Coulrophobia
1-4/", line 135, in getCollide for i in
range(self.pos[1]/tilewidth,(self.pos[1]+self.pos[3])/tilewidth+1): TypeError:
'float' object cannot be interpreted as an integer

2 3 3

I wanted to like this game, but the extremely tight time limits together with the fiddly moves
required make it too hard. I couldn't get past level 3.