PyWeek - roarribbit - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 2

I love how he takes his boot off before stomping.

1 2 1

The game had a pretty good idea behind it but the execution wasn't very solid.

4 2 3

is very fun when the speed increases, but the graphics are so bad.

3 4 4

nice idea, theme? 8-bit music?

4 2 3

The connection to the theme is very vague, which hurts the production score. The game is
enjoyable silly fun, though.

3 3 3

The controls were a little laggy.

5 3 3

Simple yet surprisingly fun! Good job!

3 3 3

Nice one! A pretty fun game to play for a short time, it must be said.

2 3 2

I didn't see credits for the music so I assume you made it. That's uncommon in PyWeek so I'm
taking it into account in your production score. I guess the theme connection is the pixelated
art, fair enough. It gets hard too fast and it's a little bit too basic but hey! it's a game!

2 2 1


4 4 3

Fun idea.

2 2 2

The game worked, the music in the background was a nice touch, but the graphics could have been a
little better and you could have done something a bit more innovative with the gameplay.
Nicely done though for having to create your own artwork and putting it together by yourself!

2 2 3

This got funner at the higher difficulties. I liked that the shoe came off of the drawing when
you clicked. I managed to get some cases where two shoes would stomp two balloons if they
overlapped. I can't tell what this has to do with 8-bit unfortunately.

3 3 3

My best score so far is 1380.

3 3 3

nothing special, not so funny, not so ugly, too simple and repetitive. :/

2 3 2

Simple gameplay but finalized. But I do not like survival mode games.

2 3 1 yes

Disqualified for no apparent link to the theme.

Very basic game, but not bad for what it is. I look forward to future entries that make better use
of the theme.

2 2 2 yes music isn't open source. Their license is
non-redistributable, and they asked you to encrypt the content which you didn't do. I
couldn't count the music towards production. Sorry. And I had to vote to disqualify this

5 5 2

That game made me feel happy! The music is so fun and all the sounds and colors and the boot that
pops out and bits flying off the balloons make everything feel so lively. And you thought of
windows users! So nice of you! Thank you and you are awesome! :)