PyWeek - Twisted River Community - feedback

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3 4 3

OK. A bit slow moving.

4 3 4

I love the game, I'm going to come back to it when the competition is over.

4 3 4

The main problem with this game is that its slooooow. Not in the beginning, but once you get 6 or more people it starts to get very slow. Otherwise a nice game :)

4 2 5

Nice! Love village games :D

4 3 4

a very deep game (for being done in a week)! I liked it a lot. I dont think its too slow, as others say, thats the pace of the game :-)

3 4 2

Cool strategy game. It reminds me globulation 2

3 3 3

Looks really well made and planned, but the pace of the game is a little slow.

4 2 4

Once I got going it was quite fun. There seemed to be some pretty big lag issues (every so often each person would slow down to a crawl for a few seconds - this was a lot worse with more people). It seems to be a lot more could be done with it. Rival factions for example? I had a slight problem with the objectives. In the first mission, for example, I managed to get the 10 people, but after that the objectives button didn't show anything and I had to quit. Would also be nice to be able to destroy stuff.

3 4 2

Nice little game.

2 3 3

This looked like it could have been a lot of fun but for some reason the game becomes extremely sluggish after a while. Might just be my (moderately old) computer but seems like it's in need of some performance tuning before it's playable.

5 2 3

It was very fun to play, and I'll surely give this game some more time. Please add better images and some sounds!

2 4 3

Well done but construction takes ages.

2 1 3

Oh come on, not everybody has a 2000 X 2000 resolution....Could barely see the game window :S

3 3 3

Sound would be fun, but this is a dang impressive city-builder for only a weeks work!

3 2 2

I really wanted to like this, but it just played so slowly. I think there may be a path-finding bug, as the little people just stood around quite a lot of the time, even when there were obviously things for them to be doing.

3 3 4

This game I see as being something you'd run in the background on your desktop, checking only every so often. Or just gazing at it like you would at an aquarium. The action pretty slow to develop. It took my guys 20 minutes to complete a vinyard, for example.
I actually left it open and running while I tried other games, only coming back to it to check on Xavier and Joseph and company every so often. Aside from the path choosing, the AI seemed to be well done for a week's effort.

1 1 1 yes

Copy the Age of Empire?
and, Where is twisted? only the name of comunity? hmmm.....

2 4 1

Too complex to not be well explained, lack of usability and feedback from the game to your actions makes it not fun

4 2 2

Compelling empire builder - I've played it for quite a while, completing the second scenario, and getting ~30 wine for the first scenario. I wish the game wouldn't slow down as much as it does; I've noticed it going to less than one frame per second later on in the game.

3 3 3

Looks like it could be a great game. Thanks!

4 4 2

not an especially new idea, but I'm still addicted to watching the little dots build a new village

5 4 4

I hope you don't mind if I ask for some more features. Like some polite and unobtrusive music and basic sound effects (i.e. when clicking a button), like clicking on a villager's name in a namelist (of a building or overview) should get you to that villager's attribute screen, like a savegame function if you can't continue playing for some reason.. and like not taking 100% CPU so that I can play for hours without melting my laptop. Because I would. Very good game, good job.

5 3 4

Very nice, this reminds me of Settlers. The graphics are very clear, as well as all the user
interface. One of the winner entries for me.

2 2 2

A bit slow-moving to really get into in the time available for judging.

4 4 4

Very nice game! Definitely one of my favourites!

2 2 2

It don't have sound!

4 5 5

Awesome looking game. Was just too slow for me but probably not very good at it.

2 2 2

Nearly disqualifiable, that
game doesn't really fit in a "twisted" theme.

It requires for me too much time to
get interested into this type of game.
It's slow, has a long learning curve,
and i will never discover the quality
of its strategy balance in time.

5 5 3

This game was exceptionally fun, but, there are several games on the market like this so ill
give you an average for innovation, and im giving you exceptional for production, although
you didn't have music, but, maybe you didn't have time to implement that, pyweek really
presses you for time.

But the AI was amazing, and I know how hard AI is to code so I give you a part on the back for that and
extra production points, also the graphics could have been better, but they were really good
considering you were only using pygame.draw. Overall really well done. Oh yes and I was glad to
see you had a readme.