PyWeek - Rinkhals - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 3

Impressive simulation system.

4 3 4

2 2 3

3 3 2

The game is well made but it gets a bit boring after a while

5 4 4

The game seems pretty well balanced. You seem to have put a lot of thought into the costs of various commodities. There's no obvious best strategy. Overall quite well done.

5 4 4

Very nice! Addictive gameplay, though very very hard. :)

4 4 3

Not bad, not bad. A bit difficult in the beginning maybe, took some time to figure out how to play it

3 3 3

Sprites are too small. It would have work just as well with a smaller map.
Enemies don't seem to get harder as the days go by (yet).
Needs many shortcut button (e.g., sell all unarmed chicken outside, fix all fence, add helm to all chicken outside, etc).
Otherwise, a fun and funny game.

4 2 4

Great fun, but quite challenging! I will probably play with it a bit more to try different strategies (filling two watchtowers with rifle-hens almost worked). With more polish you might have a commercial-quality game on your hands!

4 4 5

not much to add - great game! :)

2 3 2

the particular sub-theme chosen ( chicken farm simulator ) sounds as very hard to make fun or interesting.<br>
balance issues: dead after 3-4 days.

4 2 4

An interesting game idea, but it needs some improvemenmts (like that title drawings, and that
beveled buttons with gradient destroys everything, and some sound as well... - some of
gameplay graphics saves it a bit ). And it's great seeing members of a Python Users Group making
a team and submiting a game, this should be an exciting experience! :)

3 3 2

In the end it looks like a prison.

5 4 5

Just needed a bit of price-balancing and some better sprite-work and it would have probably
received solid 5s from me.

4 4 4

Very fun! Also very hard.

4 4 4


4 4 4

Great game, great idea.. I only miss music but it would be quite hard do find something that fits your game, I guess. Country music would be too annoying after a while.

5 4 4

Big fun, a lot of exceptions, though...

4 3 3

A novel approach to running a chicken farm. Bet those foxes are surprised!