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3 3 3

Fun at the beginning, but needs more variety/replayability. You make up for it with online scores that actually work! So, well done there. Twisting elf is also cool.

1 3 3

The sens of losing anyway and not having much control ruins much of the fun

1 2 4

Inexorable crushing futility is less fun than you might think.

2 3 3

interesting. suggestion: a short version of controls would be appreciated

3 4 3 yes

nice game, good graphics. Its tough, but not hectic. I liked it.

4 4 5

One of my favorite games. Really fun and innovative.

3 3 3

fun and addictive :)

3 3 4

Squisshy, squissh.... nice concept, but I think the game is very difficult! Damn that elf!

2 3 3

Interesting game, though I personally didn't have much fun with it.

2 3 3

I don't really understand this game ... are you just supposed to build as big a stack as you can of 'hard' fruits before the juicer comes down far enough for you to pile it any higher?

3 3 4

Original game.

1 2 3

Hmm kinda boring when you know you gonna die :)

3 2 4

Very unique.

2 3 3

Gameplay is a little slow. Nice graphics.

1 2 3

The premise of the game put me off, to be honest. In most endurance games, the hero, even if doomed, has a theoretically unbounded lifetime, but here it's bounded and that takes the romance out of it. Ultimately that, and an unclear idea of what I'm supposed to do, lost the game for me.

The network aspect seemed to be unnecessary. Initially I thought I was entering some sort of MUD. Getting a network console and graphical app to work without odd threading bugs is an accomplishment, though.

2 2 4

The console interface dragged down the production value. As for the game itself, it was fun for a bit, but I can't imagine it having any longevity.

2 3 3

I didn't find I could shunt my life expectancy much in any way by moving the fruit around...

1 3 2 yes

twisted? to squeeze fruit? the mill? hmmm...

2 3 3

I wonder how much difference the fruits does, I first played a round without placing them in any
special order, and then a second time with bananas and apples on the top. Got about the same time
both tries. Or maybe I just don't understand how to play the game :D

2 3 3

Fairly well implemented, but not very interesting to play.

1 2 3

The key of the game is to stop the juicer, you should explain better how to stop it, or give better feedback in the game

1 2 2

Looks like it wants to be a match-3 game. Not sure how to win the game.

3 4 3

Nice game. Thanks!

2 3 4

The controls were a bit hard. Interesting game at least.

3 3 4

it would be nice to know more relative info about how juicy or strong each fruit is.

1 3 2

Very boring.

3 4 4

Somehow "Prolong your survival-time." is not a very satisfying goal - although the game idea
is quite good. If there was more to it than just piling up fruits (e.g. 4 of the same fruits become
an extra-strong fruity pillar) it could be more fun..

2 2 3

The mouse control don't seem very natural - makes it a little hard to play. maybe it because you can see when the fruit fly grabs it and when not.

2 3 4

Don't know what to say... nice idea, but I it did not make that much fun to play..

1 2 2

annoying game about being hopeless.

2 4 3

<p>Not really much to do in this game. The graphics are quite cool, excepting slightly odd things going on with the crack animation. I don't feel they quite got enough of the urgency of the situation across.

1 1 1 yes

didn't work on mac os X without secound mouse button