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Resprove 2015/08/09 11:45
Resprove 2015/08/09 11:45
Resprove 2015/08/09 11:44

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Game Skeleton

So I've done some planning on paper as to what I'm doing today. The quality of the image is from my camera and resized. (Don't have a scanner. I'll probably scan and replace later.) So hope all goes well and I have enough to feel comfortable using it. Skeleton

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Brainwave!!! essentials

IRC: Freenode #pyweek
<Resprove> is a game platform layout before the code crunching week allowed
<Resprove> also some basic pseudo code for the fundementals

<Gummbum> hi Resprove. Pseudo code and design and assets are permitted. Pre-existing skeletons, probably what you call layout, are approved if they were publicly available before the cut-off. This competition the cut-off is one week, special circumstance. Normally it is one month prior to the beginning of coding week.
<Gummbum> We are permitted to collect modules and libraries from the web, to have them ready for use. For example, Skelington is approved, and there are more elaborate skeletons available with more things in them. And as you know, tons of stuff on, pypi, etc.
<Gummbum> My personal approach is to create the repo, do the design, and have some stuff ready. But I don't create my project working directory with code in it until T0.

So what may I do for now?
Public Skeletons.
Tons of stuff.
Having fun debugging (printing variables) them and editing them.
Find other alternatives in the docs.
And my all important pseudo code / paper logics (I'll post what I can)

Have fun!

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I need collision detection.. I found some examples: After digging around in I found enough to get me clued up some. I have a basic idea for a game. "A character having fun in a collision detection world". I'll see how it fits with the theme.

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Advice! Something to do for now.

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