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Another excellent example of how much one can do with very little time. It would never hold my attention for very long, but at least it is free from obvious bugs, at least it plays well and at least it has not (obvious) half-implemented ideas.

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It was sooooooo slow....

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Great job on getting a game done on the very last day! That's extremely impressive, and I know how hard it can be. You did a great job on your game, it reminds me of Tower Defense on wheels. :-D<br><br>
Sadly, I wasn't able to get the upgrades to work, and I never saved up enough money for a new robot. I don't know if I'm missing something, or if all the features didn't get in, or what, but it looks like a fun game and I'd like to give it a fair shake, but I just never got to the point where I could affect anything.<br><br>
All told, very nicely done, especially for the last day! I really like the tank animations, and particularly the smoke trails -- that's just great. :) Well done!

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[nercof] [~/Juegos/pyweek6-games_04-07-2008/instaladores/Robot Runaway Final]$ python
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 15, in ?
import main
File "/home/nercof/Juegos/pyweek6-games_04-07-2008/instaladores/Robot Runaway Final/lib/", line 16, in ?
import RWorld
File "/home/nercof/Juegos/pyweek6-games_04-07-2008/instaladores/Robot Runaway Final/lib/", line 259
for i in range(0, 7, 2 if self.waves < 5 else 1):
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
[nercof] [~/Juegos/pyweek6-games_04-07-2008/instaladores/Robot Runaway Final]$

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Great job. I'd like to see this fleshed out a little bit more. Fun concept and simple, addictive gameplay.

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Could have done with a little indication as to what upgrades are good at what sort of time, but a nice game nonetheless.

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Hrm, sorry, just couldn't get into it.

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It doesn't seem to be possible to survive for very long, no matter what I do.

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......Robot Runaway Final/lib/", line 131, in speedUp
self.maxSpeed = maxSpeed
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'maxSpeed' referenced before assignment

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Pretty rough around the edges, but it seems like it could be fun.

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Nice idea. Perhaps more enemies, terrain, or sth else would help; it gets boring after a bit

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[manuel] [~/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robot Runaway Final]$ python
Psyco recommended for optimal performance
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 24, in <module>
File "/home/manuel/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robot Runaway Final/lib/", line 54, in main
File "/home/manuel/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robot Runaway Final/pyglet/window/xlib/", line 1012, in dispatch_events
File "/home/manuel/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robot Runaway Final/pyglet/window/xlib/", line 1129, in _event_key
self.dispatch_event('on_key_press', symbol, modifiers)
File "/home/manuel/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robot Runaway Final/pyglet/window/", line 1191, in dispatch_event
EventDispatcher.dispatch_event(self, *args)
File "/home/manuel/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robot Runaway Final/pyglet/", line 277, in dispatch_event
getattr(self, event_type)(*args)
File "/home/manuel/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robot Runaway Final/lib/", line 205, in press
File "/home/manuel/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robot Runaway Final/lib/", line 131, in speedUp
self.maxSpeed = maxSpeed
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'maxSpeed' referenced before assignment
[manuel] [~/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robot Runaway Final]$

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the control was very unintuitive. It's not clear what that red bar (with the + and - buttons) is for.

3 3 3 yes

No openAL found in linux

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what's a hell it's that?!

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What´s a Hell its that?

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Very neat idea, it was smart to make a game with no ending, to get a lot of replay in just one week. As it is now though, I find it easy to get to the point where I feel I could play forever. Also it froze up after I had like 10 tanks with highly upgraded guns. But very enjoyable.

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It's not great but ok.. and it works fine.

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Game was OK. Sounds were rather loud though.

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Was nice to play, but nothing special..

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Not bad for 24 hours. It is a bit frustrating to know you are going to die the entire time though. The only thing you can do it seems like is slow it down.