PyWeek - Runia Chronicles - feedback

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1 1 1 yes

Sorry I don't have a Windows machine. Just entering a rating to take it off my queue.

2 4 3

Rule 7: Your entry must include all source code. !!!! I hate to run unknown .exe files. I would
have disqualified your entry for breaking Rule 7 but Rule 5 states that there are only 3 reasons
to do so: Did not follow the theme of the challenge, Did not work on the target platform, or
Entrant cheated. You could have done the same game with pygame only (no need for all those fancy
libs unless you wanted to learn them)

2 3 2

Not impressed.

1 1 1 yes

game says windows only

3 4 3

Nice decent RPG which is technically very well implemented.

1 1 1 yes

No Linux support

3 3 3

Well, the gameplay seemed a little repetitive.

5 5 5

I like it.

1 1 1 yes

I'm on Ubuntu... can't play. :-(

1 1 1 yes

It failed to boot under my PC environment.

2 4 2

Maybe I don’t play enough RPGs, but I couldn’t get past the rat level after several attempts:
seems like most of my attacks were ineffective and then I get smashed, feels too random. I
didn’t really get how this was supposed to match the theme either.

1 1 1 yes

Windows only...

1 1 1 yes

only windows :(

3 5 3

It looked really nice and had a great story. There was a lot of detail put into all of the art. I was
VERY impressed. The gameplay got boring really fast though and the turn based fighting was
nothing I hadn't seen before. I feel bad for not finishing, but after making it to the
necromancer I didn't want to play through it all again. GREAT JOB on the art in all regards, but
the gameplay was lacking

3 3 3

Everything about this game is just fine, nothing good, nothing bad. I do not see how this
follows the theme either.