PyWeek - PyAtl_23 - feedback

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3 3 3

This was pretty cool! It's a bit short, but I liked it. You weren't kidding about Orpington
being hard to maneuver. Maybe the ships should start facing the direction of the enemy. I
somehow beat it anyway. :)

2 3 2

Increasing the rotation speed would probably make this a lot more fun, I pretty much solely
used the side thrusters and forward/reverse because it just took too long to turn and aim.

2 4 3

steering was a bit strange.... I won the game just by putting the thip in one edge and shooting at
the right time...

2 3 3

Not bad. I like the graphics, especially when you lose. Definitely could have done with more
levels or something. The fact that the enemies all come in from the same direction makes it
pretty simple once you're pointed in the right direction. Good choice with the music.

2 2 2

Strange that the enemies start behind you. Side thrusters were a fun idea.

2 3 3


1 1 1

hard to play

2 2 3

Quite basic. And few things could have been smoother: rotation not centred, repeat the key,

1 3 2

Couple things. Next time try to tell if the key is down, then turn while it's down, never require
a player to press a button multiple times like that--this may have been because it behaved
differently on macs. Secondly when you rotate your sprite, especially if it isn't perfectly
square, you'll gain some image size by the fact that the corners of the image extended past the
edge of the original. What you can do to prevent the user from seeing this is position your
sprites by the centerpoint instead of the topleft point.

4 3 3

This game is fun but it is very short and not many graphics. It takes about 2 times to beat and then
there is no point to play again unfortunately..

2 3 3

It was very short! I wasn't sure if I was playing it right. So I played it a few times because it was
very short. :) Congrats on finishing! Happy Pyweek.