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2 2 3

I won, I think. Best pig farting shooter so far.

3 2 3

Honestly, the game felt really incomplete in a lot of ways, but I still had a pretty good time. It
was kind of fun controlling a pig on a farm and running the gauntlet.

3 2 3

Had one annoying case-sensitive filename issue, which I needed to fix.

Not being able to go back, but still being able to walk off the screen in that direction was a
little odd.

I would have likes a bit more of a intro hook, and the game really needed "game over" and "you've
won" [screens.

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I think with a little more time this could have been really fun. A little more motion (of the
enemies perhaps) would have made it more entertaining.

2 2 2

The game crashes when you go to the screen to the left.

2 2 2


2 1 2

pygame.error: Couldn't open foreman.png Because it is "Foreman.png". Case-consistency in
filenames isn't that hard to get right, even if it is easy to forget about. I like the pig.

1 1 2

Several file names included upper case letters, and that's fine... but you used the wrong case
three time and PyGame failed to load the image. There isn't much to do anyway :(

4 3 3

funny game but too much short, i think could have be an interesting game. I appreciate the
humoristic graphic.

2 2 2

What did the pig do to deserve being attacked by evil fireball-throwing tennis balls?

2 2 2

As you stated it is not completed, but you definetely miss a win/game over screen. And as
personal suggestion I don't like games with autofire.

1 1 1 yes

Game broke on linux: the case is wrong for the filename File "", line 332, in
game=GameLoop() File "", line 38, in __init__ self.Main_Loop() File "",
line 44, in Main_Loop self.New_Game() File "", line 125, in New_Game
self.Main_Loop() File "", line 46, in Main_Loop self.Teleporter() File "",
line 260, in Teleporter self.New_Map() File "", line 162, in New_Map
self.MobSetup( #Sets up the New mobs for the new room File "", line 175, in
File "/home/mat/Downloads/final submission_real/pyweek game/", line 28, in
__init__ image=pygame.image.load(image).convert_alpha() pygame.error: Couldn't open