PyWeek - Unmutate - feedback

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It took me a while to figure out what to do, but I won eventually. :)

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Instructions shouldn't have been one line at a time :( Couldn't work out how to get past first bit. Nice animation on the eyes, though.. reminds me of StarControl2 Zoq-Fot-Pik, a bit

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This is similar to a few other entries but I like this the most. I think it would have been better
with more focus on unfreezing things and exploration. It was annoying using tab to select, I
should have been able to pan over the map by moving the mouse. I beat it without wings by breading
lots of long legged things.

3 4 4

Nice, hard and interesting game. Evolution sometimes give tricks like no move or no jump XDD.

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I'm going to have to give up on your game, but I'm giving you high marks out of faith that the puzzle really does have a solution. I have a page full of notes, but it's just too clever for me to figure out. I've figured out what most of the genes do, but I can't figure them all out. I got as far as the ledge on the far right, but I couldn't get up from there.

The animations are excellent. I love the way the creatures move their legs and eyes. My only complaint about the production is that the keys were a little awkward. Maybe Space to breed rather than B, and Backspace or something to kill rather than K. You know, something I could press without looking down at the keyboard if my fingers were on the arrow keys.

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Nice concept and quite challenging.

3 3 3

nice game ;)

4 3 4

very sweet idea

3 3 4

The variety of critters is simply great. Breeding them was fun just to see what else I'd get.

Unfortunately, the genome system was a little too cerebral for me to get. I do not know if there is a more intuitive way to represent them, but that seems like way too much info to correlate without inside knowledge of the algorithms. Maybe that's just my naive perception and I am wrong.

In a nutshell I like the concept, and wish you could make the genome system more accessible to someone like me.

Nice job.

5 4 4

I'm looking forward to playing this again later.

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goal was not that clear, is there an end?

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The game was executed mostly nicely but further explanation of the genes would have been nice, as it is it was more or less spamming millions of clones of creatures that has some of the wanted attributes.

Also, evolution, it works.

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The idea is quite interesting, and the whole thing has a strange and pleasant ambiance. I haven't managed to beat it, though :(

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Could have done with more instructions -- Nothing appeared to describe how exactly one was supposed to achieve immortality (a certain combination of genes, I assume, But I didn't feel like doing an exhaustive search).

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With more maps and more meaningful gene-effects this could be awesome! The little creatures are already delightful to look at. The breeding process is intriguing — it's such a sinking feeling to discover I've managed to lose a gene and I guess it conveys your philosophical message. The music is a charm, great work!

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3 4 4

Well produced game. I think its much to complicated to be real fun. Should have used much less different genes at the beginning.
I will try it again to to grasp the meaning of all this.

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Very neat!

I'm not sure how to advance traits in a better fashion then 'mash breed and tab through until you find someone who's better', but I had a hilarious time just doing that.

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Didn't get very far. I think I'm bad at following instructions

3 5 4

Very nice look and feel to the game.

3 2 4

Should it be a puzzle-like game where you have to choose carefully couples in order to give birth to the creature with the genes you need? If so, probabily I runned out patience. I passed the water by randomly multiplicating them, but not able to fly over the pit with this method.

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I found it really hard to match genotypes, phenotypes and gameplay abilities. Combined with the ease with which it's possible to drown all but the smallest organisms and the various bits of environment which seem out of reach of even the most perfectly-adapted jumper, I ended up being far more frustrated than entertained.

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While it takes a loong time to mutate them to the right genotype (is it even possible) the game is quite fun to play for a while.

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4 4 4

very good idea and there is a wide range of mutations but the platform is too much complicated