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Main menu screenshot
marciano 2009/09/02 08:12

Diary Entries

PyWeek #9 - Day 1

I spent the first day trying to get an interesting idea for the game. I'm not very sure if I found it. My intention is to make a simple but funny 2D game. The graphics won't be very complex, since it's a solo entry and I'm not skilled in GFX stuff. Since I'm a bit stuck, I decided to start with some conceptual art in order to figure out how the scenario of the game could be, and to kick off the development of the game. By the way, I didn't mention my idea for the game: it's about a janitor that must keep clean the outside of a building. The birds will try to ruin his work (you know what birds do over buildings). Well, hope I can finish a somewhat decent game in time.

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End of Day 3

Well, I spent day 2 and day 3 playing around with cocos2d and pyglet, and designing the application screens, menus and the main scenario. I know, I haven't developed anything of the game logic yet. But I love deadlines and I know I'll do my best performance at the end of the challenge =P. So it looks like I'm going to have a heavy-coding time on Friday and Saturday. Having in mind that I suck at GFX stuff, I'm more than happy with this screenshot of the game main menu. The main scenario will look similar to the background of the screen capture.

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