A real-time warfare strategy game, involving modern military units conducting battle on a battlefield.


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Well, I managed to get a hacked, minimal python distribution along with pygame working on my Puppylinux live-cd environment. The reason for this is that my Windows is dead, and this offers a temporary solution and now, a work enviroment for pygame...

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Time Management

Well, I'm getting ready before the competition starts. That is, preparing bookmark links in my browser for quick reference to tutorials and manuals, cleaning the table and preparing a pile of scratch paper for an area to plan on, and making a schedule for programming and testing the game i.e. (Must be finished with game on Friday for two days of testing...). I'm doing all this in an attempt to allocate more time to things other than programming (i.e. eating and sleeping), as well as to pace myself, so that I won't find myself uploading the game at the last minute ;).