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ImportError: No module named pylab

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no readme, strange dependency that I don't know how to install/use using windows

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The game itself is not that great or interesting, but kudos on the innovative input system that
actually works really well and was quite fun to use! If more pyweek entries would push the
traditional boundaries like this entry, it would make for a much more interesting contest.

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can't find a working pylab

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File "D:\Downloads\journey\journey\", line 4, in import pylab ImportError: No
module named pylab I have no idea what Pylab is and where to get it. This is why a readme is

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The webcam based interface idea is nifty, although quite hard to get working nicely. The
actual gameplay is a bit lacking in depth.

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I need pylab. I don't know where to get it. Is it related to ?

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I like your idea, using web-cam device in a game. Sadly, no idea how to launch this game.

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Well, the idea worth the innovation points, even if I had some problems in making it work (first
with vidcam, then not able to find pylab so just I used math)

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nice idea bun don't work very well

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Crashes if I don't have a camera Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 11, in
c=Capture() File "/home/mat/Downloads/journey/", line 40, in __init__ =[0], self.size,'RGB') IndexError: list
index out of range

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Missing library that pypi doesn't seem to know about, and google can't help me find. Did not