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Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 2 2

I didn't do very well... Oh well, at least I didn't kill many hedgehogs.

5 4 3

I really like it.

3 3 3

Cute game. Nice mechanic of balancing speed vs health vs gas.

4 4 4

Wow. This is one of the best games in the competition. An interesting game. Very much.

3 3 3

It is quite nice all around. Driving is somewhat interesting with the large number of
different objects on the road although controls could be better (I don't see the reason for the
3-phase speed). The setting and the art is great, but some more animation would help to make it
come alive. It looks a bit like you're just moving images around. Music would also round it out

4 4 2

Pretty fun but not too innovative in terms of gameplay as there are a tonn of games like this
however the theme for the art was unique good job

4 2 2

Very funny! Perhaps a little simple, but I have fun playing to the game :-)

3 3 2

Solid game, but would benefit from deeper gameplay with more to hold the player's interest.

5 3 3

Exceptional rating is just for the initial menu... resto of game is ok, but you still need to add
some fetures.

3 2 3

Could do with better sprites. Unplayable on some platforms because everything happens too
fast (police arrives and tractor runs out of gas). Also can do with a bit more context.

3 3 3

i don't get very far, so it's not very much fun, but the grafics are nice

3 3 2

Could clean up the collision detection and drawing order a little, but overall, OK.

2 4 1

The art is good, the sound effects are good, the game seems solid. I felt like buildings were
hard to interact with and there's never enough gas.

4 3 3

The theme almost makes me hate myself for finding the game itself so fun.

4 4 3

A bit confusing at first, I didn't figure out you had to press the button and release not hold,
and it was hard to buy gas at first, but once I got the hang of it, I was hooked. Great game.

5 5 4

Very good work, the graphic is beautiful, the game is very funny. But without the video I don't
understand what I have to do (like stop on the station). "Pig peter" is a nice word joke. Tractor
faster than police car? lol. Why there is no a restart button?

2 3 2

Nice graphics. Why do I need to run over hedgehog to get money?

3 1 2 yes

It's about piglet, not pig...