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2 4 2

Lots of graphics and music, but I didn't really enjoy this game, and it felt like a standard pipe joining game with a couple of little tweaks, so I couldn't give it very high scores for fun or innovation. Sorry :(

1 1 1

no comment

2 4 1

Nice intro, far to fiddly for editing.
- Factory

3 3 3

Looked way cool. I didn't quite understand what I had to do, or the functions of all the parts, though.

2 4 4

Too hard to figure out what was going on. Better graphics may have helped. A tutorial level
would also have helped.

2 5 2

The graphical style of the game is pretty much awesome, but I couldn't really get into the gameplay. Some easier puzzles with some components already on the screen like in the original TIM would've made it more enjoyable.

1 5 4

Neat idea. I like the introduction.. nice sense of humour! I am sorry to mark it down at all, but must do so because I can't figure out how to actually play. What do the various components do? Some sort of "tool tip" or other in-game help would be useful. I click on '?' but it doesn't seem to work.

2 5 4

wow you worked on this game a lot!

2 4 5

Love the story at the beginning. Couldn't work out how to do the first level though...

2 5 4

Interesting, but not very fun.
The intro was great, though.

2 4 4

Funny, interesting intro. The game did a great job effecting a 19th century feel, and was very nice looking. And the oncept was very, very interesting.

I felt that the game ultimately suffered from a lack of information about how the components worked. (In particular, the use of geared components was confusing and hard to figure out.) Also, the behavior seemed inconsistent at times (one time I couldn't get the input to be anything other than 1, for a reason I couldn't figure).

With improvement and more comprehensive documentation, I think this could be a very good, intelligent game.

2 4 3

The game was confusing to learn but an interesting idea.

3 2 5

Wow, awesome idea! Took me a long time to figure out even the first machine though, perhaps it would be easier if components were introduced as they are needed, rather than all at once. In the end pickiness with the interface (not being able to move components or create 1-unit vertical pipes, and crashing occasionally) really lets the game down, since it gets frustrating.

2 2 4

a great idea for a game but i couldn't pass one level - it still needs to be fixed and to add playability.

2 3 5

An interesting idea, but there needs to be some more documentation.

3 4 5

A very-very interesting game really worth playing. The UI is very nice the levels are great and most of all it makes you think.

3 5 4

This game is pretty confusing especially if you're not a programmer. If you are though, it
offers a few really challenging puzzles after you figure out how it works. The timing of the
"done" output was something that I didn't grasp at first, so I had some people from the
development team explain it to me. The game could be quite good, but at its present state it's
very confusing. The graphics and music are very nice though, and there is a utterly weird intro
and the credits screen has weird beatbox style music.

2 4 3

This game is quite hard to figure out. Also the fact that you have to lay down pieces and then rotate means it can take a while to get pieces where they need to be because you have to start over again.

3 3 4

Neat idea, with some cool production, but wow, so complex. You need a tutorial mode or something. Awesome credit music.

2 3 4

Not really my style of game, but looks nice. The intro was somewhat annoying in my opinion.

3 3 5

very interesting concept! i found the game play a bit difficult however, it might have been easier on a flat grid, or something.