PyWeek - The Rule - feedback

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4 4 3

I just made it under the wire! It runs well on rpi3 :D

Nice little game. Thanks!

3 4 4

Some really neat ideas. I like how the rail can be destroyed, I just wish there was some way to
repair it, especially since there were some enemies I'm supposed to let past! I kept getting
trapped on a small section of rail. Anyway I didn't do very well. :(

2 4 4

Top-down vertical shooter. You have to survive timed rounds. "The Rule" is that you are only
supposed to shoot a particular entity or group of entities. If you shoot the wrong enemies,
you're apparently punished by being sent more of those enemies. However, you basically have
to shoot all of them anyway, because you're stuck on a railroad track, and if any enemy ever gets
down to the railroad track, they bash into it and destroy that segment of it, and then you can't
move past that spot, at which point you're trapped on one side of the screen and it all snowballs
and you die. And it takes a long time to kill the big bullet sponge enemies. This kind of needs to
go in a different direction. I like the concept of "The Rule", but in this version it's
sabotaged by the railroad, and it's too strong. The game looks great and feels finished but
this whole "Rule" thing sabotaged my ability to have fun. (p.s. also the graphics for "The
Rule" were teeny tiny on my laptop which made it hard to make out which was which.)

3 3 3

Nice shooter. The "rules" and the destruction of the rails is a nice touch.

3 3 4

Interesting idea, but very random. Sometimes I could get through a level almost with no

2 3 3

The visual and sound effects were nice. I like the "you're on rails; enemies come to you" idea.
However, the gameplay was a bit broken. I'm supposed to not kill certain ships? But if I don't
kill them they destroy the rails. Also bullets didn't really do anything. Also, requiring me
to click a button using the mouse to continue, when my hands need to be on the keys to play, is an

3 4 3

A fairly fun shmup experience. I wasn’t so sure about the on-rails thing … it ended up making the
game a bit limited in terms of options and skill. I liked the sounds and the graphics were
deserving of a shmup. I didn’t like how the enemy waves seemed random, so sometimes you would
get bombarded by like five aggressive enemies at once with no hope of survival, but then if you
wait long enough, you get (by random chance) a very easy wave, and hence get to the next level. I
also didn’t like how I kept having to “click” ok to continue my game after dying (instead of just
press a button, enter or space, because my fingers are already on the keys).

3 4 4

nice little game, but for me it was impossible to win a level, not sure why

3 3 3

I'm not a big fan of this style of game, so I'll not comment on that :) I don't know what to do with
the ships shat don't match The Rule. Just let them explode?

3 4 3

I destroyed the enemy mother ship. There was a bug, when I restarted a stage many times, the
background image changed incorrectly.

4 4 3

Cool game, interesting mechanic with a restraint to shoot only some of the enemies while
urging to keep the railway in one piece.

3 2 2

So-so on the fun, the rest was a little below