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Yeah, graphics take away from imagination!

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Hey, good job on the game! I'm impressed with the flexible way that you used SQLite, and I like the interactive editor that you made. My wife and I tried playing through the game together (we both like text adventures), but we were disappointed when we got partway through the game. I looked all through the source, and finally found the very helpful map.png that you had in the data directory. Turns out that there's no clue of the gazebo leading east from Fun Town, and so we never tried to go that way. We were able to figure out how to get the fruit cookie (hah -- that part was funny), and how to get the electronics voice box. Initially we thought that "chili" was just another typo in the game, but then my wife realized that it was part of a larger pun re: the band. Nicely done. :) Anyways, down in the security area, we were able to ask the computer about the murder, and since we were talking to him already, we didn't make the connection that we needed to give him the voice box (since he was already talking to us). We also had been carrying around the blood and body for quite a while, and so after we looked at the spoiler and learned the "throw oil at robot" command, we already had the blood with us, so we were able to transfer it to the towels right there. <br><br>
So yeah, while the beginning was quite a bit of fun (and we even started making our own map for the game before we found yours), there were a couple of unintuitive leaps at the end of the game, and so while I wish they had been more intuitive, I'm at least glad that you provided a walkthrough. Thanks! That was a very nice touch. :)<br><br>
It looks like you created a nice and flexible system. Great job on the referential humor in the writing -- we enjoyed reading the descriptions for things. Those poor park guests -- one gets the impression that while they may rot their teeth, at least they wouldn't gain much weight from all of the junk food that they ate at the park, since they would upchuck it after stepping off any of the rides. :) Well done on the game!

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Not too bad. I need to try it again when I'm not busy trying out a bazillion other games.

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another text adventure

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I didn't get very far without having to look at the walkthrough. The command required just wasn't obvious or documented.

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hmmmm ¿robot? ¿detectives?

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I liked the story and the game, although at first I didn't understand where to go or what to do. I had to peek into the walkthrough all the time..

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Could use more in-game hints as to what to do next.

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I like text adventures, but found this one rather simple.

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The game don´t work. But i dont know why!

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The game don´t work, but i don´t know why! I am a graphic artist.

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Great job. I love text adventures.

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interesting - been a while since I played a text adventure. I couldn't really find much to do in this one besides wander around (carrying the body). I talked to a couple of robots, but they weren't too conversational (probably didn't know what to ask.

game crashed every time I attempted to 'look <n, e, s, w>

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The parser was a little weak, and lack of descriptions for any side objects really pulls the production score down for me. I didn't feel like there were enough hints in game to figure out what exactly I ought to be doing at any given time. Good points: text adventure, yay! Room descriptions were good and gave off enough atmosphere without being too long to read. Story/setting were pretty interesting.

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Very neat idea, doing a text based adventure. It's an interesting story, and it fits the theme well. As far as text adventures go it seems pretty average compared to others I've played - which is a really great accomplishment for for just a week considering the others probably had a lot longer development.