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3 3 4

Kill the bunnies!

4 3 3

This was a fun little game, the control mechanism was a bit clunky though. Not sure about innovation, as it was effectively Duck Hunt with a steam powered claw, but hey, it stands out as something different in this competition.

2 2 1


3 3 3

Good game the graphics is nice I liked it. I missed the mouse support but it's more challenging without it. :)

3 3 2

The concept is funny and the game has a distinctive style. It also gets bonus points for the
Monty Python reference :) The actual gameplay isn't very interesting, though.

5 4 3

Argh! I want to win!

Really good work here. Game is nicely polished, with decent instructions, a menu system, and no bugs that I could see. The only let-down is the music, which is a bit annoying after a while.

4 3 5

The story was sooo funny! You should play beyond balderdash sometime. You'd be good at it. Good job!

4 4 4

ahah eveil gunius game i like it

2 3 2

Kudos for the Holy Grail reference. :)

5 5 5

A really great game :-) Hard to find a fault!

2 2 2

Sorry, but I just didn't find this game fun :(

3 3 3

"invalid instruction" once in a while

4 3 3

I didnt think evil was this much fun :).

2 3 3

The idea is quite original and the game's well produced. But I wasn't very addicted to it.

1 2 1

no interesting gameplay

4 3 4

Fun! FUn to play. A very nifty idea.

3 3 3

Interesting game, fun throwback to Oregon trail. Nice looking; great sound effects. I liked the bit of added difficulty with the lag in the pistons. And Python jokes.

3 4 4

Hmmm. On linux, with python 2.3, I don't get the weight counter, or the steam pressure gauge.
With 2.4, I get the weight counter, but still no pressure. Game still works, though. The big
problem is that I always die on the "government takes notice" level, usually from a lawman
appearing while my claw is traveling to the animal in question. A half-second delay after
appearance when the lawman can't catch you would make things significantly easier. As it is,
there is no way to avoid being caught. One more thing. It is very hard to move diagonally; look up

2 3 3

This game is like a UFO Catcher simulator where you need to catch all sorts of animals and caravans... The controls on a UFO Catcher are easier though. There seems to be some acceleration type of movement with the tool you're using, so it's pretty hard to make subtle movements. I guess that wouldn't bug me so much if the animals weren't so darn small. And you get less points from the smaller animals, even though they're harder to catch than the big ones. I think this feature in the game wasn't really well thought out. The psycho bunnies were a really odd addition to the game and it didn't really make sense to me at all, but at least it surprised me a couple of times.

4 4 4

It's a steampunk Oregon Trail! I love it. It's one of the best games in the group.

5 2 4

Toooooo much fun. Too much. Needs more polish, but all in all a very psychotic entry.

3 3 3

heh, funny take on the oregon trail thing

3 3 3

Simple game, and fun for a short while, until you realise that there really is nothing more to it. The levels just add the odd new thing to hit/trap. The controls are also pretty sluggish.