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Great graphics, especially given the constraints of a terminal-based game.

The gameplay was so-so, attacking was pretty repetitive, since you basically just choose all the attacks you're able to do at a time and look at the damage you dealt. Not really much choice in the attacks you do (except the order).

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_WConio.error: GetScreenInfo Failed

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It's like playing text-mode pokemon :)

4 4 4

Worked great on my windows 7 computer. I played for about 10 minutes, but I'll be back later to
finish it. Had a nice feel to it. Reminded me of rogue and zit! ...would be nice with a table to
gave descriptions on the mutations you pick up, sometimes its difficult to know what you are

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Your minimum window size is unreasonable.

Exception: Your window is x=157, y=52. Minimum required is x=121, y=61

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Couldn't say 'Yes' to the first mutation. Not sure if that is the bug specified.

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Well, I like the graphics, the title screen, the dungeon design, and the flavor text. That must have taken a lot of work. The playable ending screen is also kind of cool.

Maybe I don't play enough roguelikes, but I had a real hard time figuring out what was going on. I don't think I like all the messages appearing on the left like that, I'd rather they pop up or something like in a regular RPG. The battle interface really confused me. I don't understand why the messages can read "Mutant takes 3 damage!" and it still says "Before you is a Mutant with 58 of 58 hp!" Shouldn't damage cause its hp to go down or something...?

The battles consisted of very little strategy that I could tell. A bunch of number accompany every attack like "6+3 vs 10" and "4+2-3" but I have no idea what any of them mean. I just picked whichever attack was available that had the highest Dmg. I don't know if there's something else I can do.

Anyway, very interesting entry. Thanks for submitting!

2 4 2

Not well balanced. Unreasonable dependencies (61 characters-high terminal). Quite impressive rendering. Funny texts.

4 4 3

Nice dungeon crawler. I like the ascii game approach, but disagree with several
of the color choices (although that just may be terminal issues), and a larger symbol for the player would have helped.

4 4 2

4 4 3

MacBook 11" definitely does _not_ have enough lines in the terminal...

4 4 4 yes

Linux version.

3 3 4

Seems pretty cool. I liked the text-based nature of it, but battles can be confusing at times. Nice work, especially for a curses game :)

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on windows I got:

File "F:\Programs\Python2.6.4\lib\curses\", line 15, in <module>
from _curses import *
ImportError: No module named _curses

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my 1280x768 screen is too small ...

3 3 3

nice text adventure

4 4 5

I had quite a lot of trouble getting this to display right. It seems the default MacOS Python (or curses, or something) doesn't like displaying UTF-8. Eventually I used a macports Python and then I had unicode, but no sound. Yay Mac. :-(

This game reminded me a lot of Dwarf Fortress, albeit not nearly as brutal and with an actual win condition. I thoroughly enjoyed it, once I got it working right.

4 4 3

we need more roguelikes.

3 3 2

Solid attempt at a terminal-based game! I was expecting a roguelike but it's less complex than that. The various body parts are interesting and it's interesting figuring out what their effects are. I guess the intended approach is to accept every mutation, figure out what they do, restart and try to get the better ones. This works for me. The combat on the other hand is hard to follow (I can't even tell which number is the damage) and I don't think the player has much influence on it. I was just picking every possible attack all the time and I suspect there is not much to it beyond that.

2 4 3

Requires luck, much of it and you can't really influence fights. The graphics are fun.

I had to use the git version because I was not being able to press y or n after the second fight.

2 3 3

Really liked the retro style. Fun was ruined for me by numerous small bugs (crashes, Failing to accept Y/N when chosing mutations).

3 2 3

Good use of ascii art and creative use of mutations. I got lost in all the words, it could have had
a simpler response when you attack and the mutant attacks, instead of multiple rows of text to
read through. Interface was pretty easy to grasp. Crashed during play with "Tile instance has
no attribute 'monster_properties'. --Read your comment below, looks like I stepped on a 'B'

3 3 4

Heh, loved the text interface. Fighting was rather boring, though (I never even lost any
battles). And the game world wasn't massive.

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Man, we are on 2011... don't know if this kind of old style game can still excite a lot of people. Unfortunately, not me :(
Btw I recognize the producion is great!

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God, i can't run the game: Exception: Your window is x=130, y=31. Minimum required is x=121,
y=61 For the next time i suggest "emulate" the console trough pygame or pyglet instead a real

4 5 4

I enjoyed playing it

3 3 3 yes

Couldn't play it.