I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to make a sub-par 'game' like I did a few years back. If you're lucky I'll be too busy!


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Nothing much ;) I got a rough menu and program flow coded.
capturts 2018/10/22 14:55

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I Should Install Python First

I should install Python first, that sounds like good way to start. I suppose Python is already installed on Debian 9, but I'll have to check. Oh, I'll probably want pygame too...

Only by chance I spotted that the challenge had begun. I'm part way to moving 500GB of stuff from my old laptop to my new one. Almost everything isn't working on the new one, so it's a great start.

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I've got some sort of vague idea about dropping stuff in a river and collecting it the other end. Or just seeing it just flow away. Poosticks



I copied a lot of stuff from my last entry from 5 years ago. It's given me a place to start.

I haven't done any pygame for a few years, and not much python in general. Mostly I use php and getting into the mind-set of a continuing loop is rather difficult. Mostly in php you start at the top, go through in a mostly linear fashion and output html at the end. I use sql as well, which is also useless for this.

I've done a few small games on the tic-80, which is more useful, but I don't have much time to do things like this.

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Sadly I've managed nothing over the last couple of days. 

Well, I've managed lots - but nothing for my pyweek game.

I had a work disaster and had a lot of website fixing to do.

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