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2 2 2

I wasn't sure what to do in this game. Bring the green squares to safety? If so, I like the overall
idea, but maybe it wasn't implemented so well. Then again, it's possible I would have enjoyed
the game more with better instructions.

2 2 3

no sound, no music, good idea, maybe could have had more levels, etc.

3 1 2

Interesting game mechanic demo.

3 2 3

Interesting idea, and the physics were quite fun, if very very wonky. But very short, and not
much depth to it.

1 1 1 yes

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3 2 3

Data rects were a bit unpredictable. Nice particles.

3 3 2

Somewhat innovative design, but difficult to achieve goal.

2 2 2

One room platformer where you are a block that has to push other annoying bouncing blocks into
two goal locations while avoiding a big orange block. Generally speaking, the objective is
pretty boring and it’s frustrating trying to get the stupid bouncing data blocks to go in the

2 2 4

The data jumping was a bit strong, hard to predict, which made it hard to control where the data
was going. The enemy was huge and hard to avoid.

2 2 5

What an interesting game idea. I wish you were able to do more with it.

I had trouble controlling the data bits, their behavior seemed very random like it didn't
matter much what I did. I expect that an improvement here would have added greatly to the fun

I hope you plan to develop this game further!

2 2 2

Nice physics and particle effects. Looks like this could be an interesting game with a bit more
variety in where the falling blocks go and some nice graphics on the different elements.

3 2 3

A bit frustrating but funny at the same time. Wish there was more content than this, though.

5 2 4

This game was suprisingly fun! One thing though: it was a bit too hard (atleast for me); I played
it over like 10 times and my highscore was only 4 data blocks!!! But that could be just me being
bad at gaming in general. Thanks for making this game! -=m0dem=-