Following through from first diary update. More to come soon.

Untitled Pyweek36 game *Will rename this later*

Time for another PyWeek Run. Looks like there's some very good selections. Looking forward to this one.


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Following through from first diary update. More to come soon.
Phantasma 2023/09/19 06:28

Diary Entries

Day 1 & 2 Entry: Ideas floating + beginning initial framework

Since dark matter is the theme There are two options I can already think of. One being a platformer/excavation kind of game where you find dark matter or a 2D space "Shmup" where you prevent the dark matter from creating a black hole that destroys the galaxy.

Decisions decisions. By the time I get the main menu up and running will be the time I make the decision.

Screenshot will be posted later tonight.

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....DNF and future plans ahead

It's not worth the sleep depravation to try to finish the project in short notice. Work and college unfortunately got in the way. Rather than try to push it Its best to call this off.

Even though this is going to be another DNF, I will by trying the following in between game jams. I'll be simulating a few practice runs and come up with weekly projects to attempt to create and finish in preparation for next PyWeek game jam. Perhaps by that time, I'll accumulate enough practice and skill to finally produce a good working game similar to that "6-crates" game I've done long ago.

Best wishes to everyone still in this.

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