The Inferno

Hopefully this is an untouched idea as of this competition, but it's a rendition of Dante's Nine Circles of Hell. Sounds promising, but I may be shooting too high. I guess me and my partner will have to find out. Besides, this posting is really just to make sure that we can grab hold of this idea.


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Diary Entries

This is starting out worse than I expected!

I FINALLY have an steady idea, but I haven't really started on the game yet. This is going to be a really long week.


Couldn't finish...

In fact, barely even started. Not only did I not have enough time, with school: an essay, music solo coming up, and my partner and I not getting together as much I hoped, the gamed turned into a few lines of not working, and quite disappointed with myself, but I also realized I still need a better plan for making these games. I get so caught up in the graphics, nothing gets done. Maybe next time, when I'm maybe a little bit more experienced as well, I'll not only have time to do it, but maybe even finish it.