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This is awesome. :) It's a nice mix of stealth and puzzle. I like the idea of swapping between
characters, it fits well with the stealth aspect of the game. Levels are well designed.
Visually, the game has a distinct style/thematic that I like, though it is a bit lost in the main
game itself. I wish the walking was continuous though, but other than that, I have no
complaints. Excellent work!

4 4 4

Zis game vas gut!

1 1 1 yes

File "/Users/john/Documents/python/pyweek22/nashes/serge/", line 168, in
_initPhysics, 2, self._checkCollision, None,
None, None) TypeError: add_collision_handler() takes exactly 3 arguments (7 given)

4 4 4

Nice levels and game. Some where just easy when timing the moves correctly. The music and sound
effects seemed to have a problem playing after some reloads of the level (on win 10, pygame
1.9.2pre, py 2.7.6), not sure what caused it. Quiting game and resuming helped.

4 5 4

Incompatible with PyMunk 5, but tries to use it if it is installed! Good game; glad I got it to

5 4 5

Had to enforce except condition starting line 17 in serge/ to not use pymunk,
otherwise raised error on loading: File "./nashes/serge/", line 168, in
_initPhysics,, 2, self._checkCollision, None,
None, None), TypeError: add_collision_handler() takes exactly 3 arguments (7 given). Then
working fine (on osx, pymunk 5.0.0). Great game! really fun mechanic, well implemented
stealth play. Great production values, loved the narration, use of music etc. very funny.

4 3 4

Clever. Fun. A parody of a parody. :) Kudos.

4 4 4

Very mice little puzzle game. The switching mechanic makes for interesting gameplay, and
there are some fun puzzles.

Well done.

4 4 4

Thee firecrackers between two twins... so they teleport them between them or something?

4 4 4

Great! Looks like you put a lot of work into this game.

4 4 4

Nice and polished. I feel like I've seen roughly this mechanic before, although it was a really
nice touch the way you switched their hairdos. I'm pretty sure I did not do a few of the levels the
intended way. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but like in the last one I didn't even see the
switch for some reason. I just outran the guard and made it to the exit in time so I didn't even
have to use the other twin, and that kind of felt like cheating.

4 5 5

well,I spend a long time to run your work. my computer is not advanced, so it is a little slowly
when I run it. You are quite professional to make games, I will study your code in the future,
hope I can understand it ^ v ^ great work!