PyWeek - Outlawn - feedback

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4 4 4

Never underestimate the power of a good physics engine :D

2 3 3

nice 3d look and physics, unfortunately no game here.

1 4 2

Looks neat, not much of a game.

3 3 3

All you needed were levels. :) "Free play" mode isn't really a game. You said on the readme, keep track of levels in your head, but I would have really appreciated if you done that for me. I know you didn't have time, but had you sacrificed a few of the less important things you implemented to create an initial environment with enemies with a very simple AI and terrain to play in and a check to see if you lost or won, the game would have been much better. Still, making "levels" and playing them was fun. I like the idea, too. I think you should continue working on it and add some more gameplay to this game.

2 3 3

Nice physics, but not a very fun game to play in my opinion. A bit of sound and music would have made it a lot better.

4 3 4

The physics feels good.<br>

2 4 2

Not bad for a week, though you forgot the game part;-) Nice little toy though.

1 1 2

Too bad you didn't have time to make levels. =|

2 2 3

its a good idea but this is not a complete gaem

3 1 3

Quite fun, but not really a game. A little more work and there could be something great here.

3 3 5

I wish it had been finished, it was still kinda fun to play around with but could have been a
pretty great game I think.

2 3 3

Shows promise!

2 2 3

Hey, Koules 3D!

1 1 3

2 3 3

The physics was pretty good but it still has a few bugs. At one point I got shot up miles above the playing field and couldn't get back down. You listed some in your readme too. I would have kept at it longer if there was SOME kind of goal. Still, not a bad start.

2 3 2

Well after downloading about 8 entries I was happy to finally found another one that worked! Good that you've been thoughtful enough to package pyglet at least. The "game" is more of a technology demo really.

2 2 2


2 1 2

Interesting. Not sure if this qualifies as a game though :).

2 3 2

1 1 1

There wasn't really a game here.

2 2 2

Great physics, wish the game was complete - see you in the pyggy awards, perchance?

2 3 4

Nice idea, a bit more gameplay would have been fun! (Levels generated by you, increasing difficulties, and such).

4 3 3

Very fun! I like it!