PyWeek - OrionDark7 - feedback

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2 3 2

Nice game. The platforming worked pretty well. The jump was very weird but it created some
interesting puzzles when there were lots of mouse traps on the floor!

2 2 2

Platformer. Grab the cheese, avoid the cheese-near-lookalike rat traps. Floaty, weird
physics, and I couldn't get past level 3--it seemed like it was literally impossible, but
maybe I was missing some trick. Frustrating controls (you can't hold right then hit jump, it
forgets you're holding right so you just jump straight up). No sfx or music.

2 2 3

The art was cute, but the physics was juddery and floaty. If the gameplay was a little smoother I
think the concept would work very well.

4 3 4

no sound no music, also avoid loading an image on every loop the must be living on the moon with
such low gravity :D good idea

2 2 3

Nice idea, but the strange reactions and bugs put me a bit off. I was not even sure if the derp-cat
level was supposed to do that or if it was a bug. But pyweek is there to challenge ourselves and do
better the next time. I'm looking forward to see the progression.

3 3 3

Was quite fun at first, I enjoyed the platforming, but I got stuck at one point where I couldn’t
get over or under a thing that looked like it might have been shooting me? A little grey dot, I
didn’t understand what this actually was.

4 2 4

That was surprisingly fun. Your quirky humor helped. I liked the falling mousetraps level,
nice change up. There were many more levels than I expected. Dinged on Production due to lack of
sound effects, and I discovered I could cheat by cutting right through the walls. I was
disappointed I couldn't fly!! But I didn't ding your score for that. :) Cute little game.

3 3 2

I couldn't get through, so I cheated a bit to get to the end.

2 2 2

The mouse idea is pretty cool, but the movement is really awkward (jumping stops horizontal

2 3 2

I found a bug. When I went out from the left edge of the screen, I couldn't come back.

1 2 2

I had a really hard time playing this. the game lasted about 30 seconds, not much to it

1 3 2

cute mice bro.