PyWeek - Paper world - feedback

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2 3 3

cant play level 2, donĀ“t now why..

2 3 4

Fun, but would have rated higher if it weren't so short. Controls are nice and graphics win some innovation points for you. Very original game with such a short source code.

3 4 3

Very nice graphical style. Sometimes found it hard to make the jumps but overall quite fun to play.

2 3 4


2 2 2

I like the idea of "paper world". It's an original idea, but the game, as it is now, needs more levels, sounds, music, better gameplay.

4 4 5

Lots of fun and beatiful concept! However, it was too short! If it had more levels I would have declared it the best game, probably.

3 4 3

I like the visual style, but gameplay is a little lacking...

4 4 3

loved it! loved the artwork, loved the graphics... but it was too short :( give me more levels! :-D

4 3 4

Nice! A little short, tho.

4 3 3


2 3 5

Very nice, but short! Some sound will be a welcomed addition. Also some levels featuring an
evil scissor :-)

5 2 1 yes

it did not use the theme.

3 2 2 yes

Fun game, but wheres the disappearing?

3 4 4

Very cute. The game seemed quite buggy to me--I could move in places and directions that I didn't expect to be able to... as a result it was quite easy to beat.

2 3 3

The controls of this game were very interesting. I do not believe I've played a side scroller
where you have to use the mouse to sort of slide your way through the level. I like the way the
levels looked, but the controls were really bizarre in some moments. Sometimes I could do a
crazy high jump, other times I could only jump a little bit. The mouse movement also bothered me
cause it would sometimes freak out when my mouse went out of the screen (and was put back in the
screen.) Funny ending too!

4 4 4

Great platformer! Lots of fun, nice art style, great idea all around.

2 2 3

The physics are a bit quirky (I got stuck several times when entering the third level) and it's not very clear what you have to do at first. The paperlike graphics are nice, it would have been good to have more levels maybe. The main character is a bit clunky.

3 4 5

I really like the paper. It looks great. The game play leaves me scratching my head because it doesn't wow me like the background does. Still very innovative, and kinda fun.

2 2 2

I found the control scheme to be very frustrating. Also, needs more levels.

4 4 3

I really liked the game idea. The paper background gives it a nice look. I wish I could have played it more, but my CPU couldn't handle it :(

4 3 4

Love the graphics!

3 3 4

nice game concept! graphics & controls are cute too. but the game is too short, and it lacks more "game" around - there is no music, real challenge, and the character looks monotonic.

4 4 4 yes

That was a great little game! The player character didn't quite fit the feel of the game though, which was a shame (why not a drawn stick figure). I liked that the levels had depth to them. My only disappointment was that there was no discernable use of theme (except in the premise)

3 3 4

I like the idea, seems to have considerable potential. The city artwork is really nice, although the player character is a bit disappointing -- he should be an origami figure or something.


Not enough there as it is for much replay value, but developed further it could make a very charming and challenging game.


P.S. The comment at the end is a bit ambiguous, making it sound like there might have been a way of saving the city, although there doesn't seem to be. That would be another interesting line of development...

4 3 2

Very nice style, I think it is quite cool.

Too bad the eraser wasn't part of the game play.

4 4 3

Nice graphics. Some thoughts:
The person could look/control better. I use a trackball, so I'm not quite sure how well this would work with a mouse, but keyboard control is traditional for a reason. As for the graphics, the player would look better animated, and matching the background better. A few more levels would also be good.

2 3 4

Cool concept. Like the sepia tones.

2 4 3

I loved the style of the game; I kept wishing it had some sort of wistful music to go along with it.
It ran a little too slowly, and the gameplay itself was simplistic, but I like "adventure
games" like this. I was really wishing that there was more at the end. The mouse controls were
innovative, if a little wonky at times.

3 4 2

Very pretty graphics and a fun story. The game was grossly unoptimised and slow though, and I
didn't like the mouse controls. A keyboard or a gamepad makes much more sense for this kind of

4 4 3

a bit short, but nice game!

3 3 3

The graphical style of the game is just great, and the use of theme in the form of a huge rubber
eraser is creative. You could've just tried to fit in the computer-drawn parts of the graphics
a bit better. The game could be a lot longer too, and the controls don't quite feel right at all
times. The idea of a mouse-driven platformer is interesting, and mostly it works, but the
feeling of the controls could still be improved. Some of my friends also reported the game to be
quite laggy, though I didn't experience the same problem myself.

2 2 2 yes

Not really a bad game but there was nothing interesting except for the unconventional
graphics. The controls weren't very good. With more levels with new ideas would possibly make
it more fun. The game looks a bit like it was first made and then the story was written to involve
the theme. Disappearing is not an element of the gameplay.

5 4 4

- Fun graphics.
- Nice controls.