PyWeek - OneManTeam - feedback

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2 2 3

Not bad for what it is. Would have been nice to get more gameplay in there, obviously. I found it
hilarious that the intro was like twice as long as the game itself.

2 3 2

Short but kinda cute.

2 2 2

yeah just a demo :/

2 2 2

The game could have promise, but it was very short and not at all challenging. I spent longer
reading the intro story than playing the game!

3 3 3

Not bad, but very short.

2 3 3

Too short, not challenging.

2 3 2

I love trees. They really look good. But everything else is rush out or not polished at all.

4 4 4

Nice! That was a lot of fun. :-) Nice use of pygame.

3 4 4

nice game, too much easy and short to be really funny, i like the graphic and the story.

2 4 3

Nice hook, and a pretty tech demo, but the gameplay is too simplistic and too short to really be

5 3 3

It's fun to eat the guys. Not enough splat games in this PyWeek!

2 3 2

With a bit more speed and deadlier hunters, this idea has potential. It was a bit too easy for
find the mushrooms but not a bad effort at all.

2 3 4

As you said yourself it is more of a demo. But I have given high marks for innovation since it is
pretty ambitious to try something like this!

1 3 2

The use of parallax on the trees is nice. It's a pity that the character graphics are quite
blurry. The game needs to be a bit more challenging.

2 2 2

"This was quite a nice game. I liked the story intro and the overall idea. The control felt a bit
strange. It didn't really feel like I was in control because the animation was continually
running even when I wasn't and the collision detection with the trees was a bit ""squishy""!
Overall though it looks like there could be a good game in here."

2 2 2

I liked the art style, shame it wasn't more complete.

2 3 1

Nice graphics and nice plot. I like stories :)

2 1 3

Seemed a bit unfinished (map simply ends in black, textures have borders) and the gameplay
wasn't very engaging. The story and idea were interesting, though.

4 3 3

Very cool tech demo. It's a pity you couldn't build a game around it (reading your ideas.txt was
very interesting).

2 4 2

Looked great and felt good to play but finished it first time without losing a life so felt it was
a bit easy.

3 3 2

Yeah, it's more like a tech demo than a game. But it's more like a game than many other entries :).
The trees look really nice. The controls are pretty bad (e.g. it's easy to get stuck on some
trees). There is some amount of flickering, for example as the new chunks of terrain are added.