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3 3 3

Nice :)

4 4 3

Good production. The physics were a little sketchy, but also part of the fun. Jumping up the sides of walls seemed necessary to win, but also didn't work all the time. Overall, great game.

4 4 3

The graphics are very good, but I wasn't much of a fan of the graphic style. Particularly, I didn't like much the appearance of the monkey. The execution is pretty good, the idea is interesting. The controls felt a bit odd, sometimes it was a bit hard to do what I wanted to do, not just the movement but also connecting the bananas with the chain. Overall, it was fun.

3 4 4

No matter how much I liked this game it did not compensate for the difficulties I had controlling the monkey.

2 2 3

The controls were kind of pain to use.

2 4 2

Nice production, but the controls were a bit over-complicated for my tastes. Reminded me a bit of Gish.

2 3 4

The monkey is rather jumpy and hard to control. And I'm stuck on level 2.

4 4 4

Cool game. Fun to play. A little of extra controls would be desirable further.

4 3 4

Cool game! It took me a while to get it running on OSX (thanks to Penguin for the help), and even then the controls were a bit confusing the first time I played it. But when I came back to it a few days later, I was able to play quite a bit better. it's still a bit weird that pressing "c" makes you drop the chain, so you need to press "c" "z" to pick up a banana, but once I got the hang of some of those intricacies, the game was pretty fun, and I was able to run around with relative ease and beat all of the levels after a bit of work. Bridge of bananas was the hardest for me -- largely because of physics glitches, where pushing the bananas as a group would sometimes cause one to shoot off into space very quickly, so I had to be careful with so many bananas. Also, the ground detection was a bit wonky, and I didn't figure out until much later that there was an intentional double-jump in there -- I had thought I was just glitching against the walls. Even so, it was a fun game, and you did a really great job with it. Well done!

3 3 3

physics problems.

3 3 3

<p>The lack of color makes it a bit dull visually. The keybindings are a bit complex.

<p>The idea is nice for a puzzle, and works nicely when the chain does not do weird things (like stretching, or getting stuck)

1 4 3

The game has a good polishing but it's boring

3 3 4

interesting idea but the controls are confusing, and it should hook the loose end of the chain if both ends are next to the object.

3 2 4

Nice physics!!! The monkey was pretty uncontrollable to go upwards, though

3 3 4

Nice game physics. The giant sideways leaps of the monkey always exceeded my expectations, though. Sometimes it was frustrating.

4 3 3

some fine tunning for controllability will gave more fun.
physics wall-player ( player stopeng vertical mov at wall touch ) need to be better.
Why ataching to banana detach from player ?
why to detach object one need to be near ? Obviusly it is at the other end of the chain.
Have I not hear about the double jump in #pyweek, probably I would have rated poor fun factor.
Anyway, is fun, and with some tweaking it will be more.

2 3 3

The illustrations were good, but a lot more work is needed in collision detection and device control areas. Also, more animations - jump animation, for example - are needed also to give the game a complete feel.

3 3 4

It would be a fun game if the controls weren't so flaky. I found it hard to move the ape around..

2 3 3

It got frustrating. I couldn't get it to do what I wanted/expected it to do

2 3 3

Neat idea, controls annoyed me though. Also in the second level it was a pain jumping back up.

2 3 4

The idea looks fun, but controls are not comfortable :(

Well done, anyway! :D

2 4 3

Nice graphics, unique style. However the controls felt really clumsy and difficult to use.

3 3 3

Nice game! It has potential!
Level 2 seems to be very difficult for me.

4 2 4

Some of the balance was very off, but the physics based design worked out fairly well. I found the character much too slidey and moved a bit too fast left and right, while finding it difficult to jump as high as the level design made me think I should. Really cool game though, worth playing to the end even without a "you win" at the end.

4 3 4 yes

I like your picture in the game. It is funny.

2 3 3

It was pretty hard to control the game, and difficult to actually accomplish anything, but it was pretty decently put together and was a different idea.

2 4 4

Great work but im sorry to say this. Didn't quite like the game itself :(

1 1 1 yes

Loading chipmunk for Darwin (32bit) [/Users/eric/Desktop/Monkey_In_a_Tangle-1.0-1/gamelib/pymunk/libchipmunk.dylib]
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 3, in <module>
from gamelib import main
File "/Users/eric/Desktop/Monkey_In_a_Tangle-1.0-1/gamelib/", line 4, in <module>
import menu
File "/Users/eric/Desktop/Monkey_In_a_Tangle-1.0-1/gamelib/", line 3, in <module>
import pygame, sys, data, game_entities
File "/Users/eric/Desktop/Monkey_In_a_Tangle-1.0-1/gamelib/", line 1, in <module>
import pymunk, world
File "/Users/eric/Desktop/Monkey_In_a_Tangle-1.0-1/gamelib/pymunk/", line 14, in <module>
import _chipmunk as cp
File "/Users/eric/Desktop/Monkey_In_a_Tangle-1.0-1/gamelib/pymunk/", line 8, in <module>
chipmunk_lib = load_library("chipmunk", print_path=_lib_debug)
File "/Users/eric/Desktop/Monkey_In_a_Tangle-1.0-1/gamelib/pymunk/", line 51, in load_library
lib = ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary(libfn)
File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/ctypes/", line 431, in LoadLibrary
return self._dlltype(name)
File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/ctypes/", line 348, in __init__
self._handle = _dlopen(self._name, mode)
OSError: dlopen(/Users/eric/Desktop/Monkey_In_a_Tangle-1.0-1/gamelib/pymunk/libchipmunk.dylib, 6): image not found

2 3 4

A very cool idea, but somehow it just feels like the controls didn't work for me and the game felt a bit too "floaty". also maybe there were a bit too many keys to press, one key for both tagging and untagging would've been doable in my opinion. Good work on the graphics and musics, they have a nice style to them. (especially the main menu is pretty neat-looking :P)

2 3 3

The physics and controls are annoying, somewhere behind them there is a reasonable game though...

4 5 4

cool, controlling the monkey was quite hard, but I managed :)