The other side

Not enough time for a too ambitous projet =3

Even if I didn't manage to end up in time, I would like to show my idea since it is on this that I worked the most.
The other side


We are in the world of Shibhil, where a weird phenomenon occurs from years : some construction with a curious architecture are popping at different places over the land. Because of this constructions population get splitted into two sides The worship & The scientists, worshiper were sure that those elements were created by a superior entity, on the other side scientists believe in a more logical solution like the potential existence of an other side of this world.
After some research, scientists discovered a relic that was able to make disapear living people. After futher work, it gaves like nothing, it was still impossible to get the vanished person back... Until a searcher by mistake used the relic and find a way to come back, but after he cames back he said strange stuff like : "An other world" "A world full of those construction" "Living entity that doesn't look like us" ...
Scientists tried to elaborate a machine using the relic to open kind of a Gate to this world, but it was worthless...
After unnumerous tries, the machin worked, a portal opened and a small flying creature went out the portal that closed just after. It was the first success, with that and what the searcher saw on the other side, scientists were ready to show to the world the truth !
But the worship heard about that, so they decide to capture the laboratory and to jail or kill all the scientists.

Some month after, the truth fight is still on way by a small group of rebelle. And you are here a member of this group, a resistant called Mirai ready to make the truth explodes, it's a this moment you are send to the ex-laboratory to steal some data or project, but what you find was really importent and maybe not just for your world...


How about some gameplay now ?

It's a tactical top view game with some realtime part.


You are playing to some kind of classical top view tactical (like Fire emblem), but you are playing on a dual board, each of them is in one side.
You got characters on both side, soem of them are able to swap between them but they let a retentive image of them on the other side that enemy can damage.

The specificity is all about when you fight an enemy on the first board, he will end up in the second one and if you don't get rig of him fast enough, he'll get back in the first board with an incremented power.

The other point is about object deplacement, since the board are synchronisated in one way B => A, if you move/use some kind of object in the B board, the changes will be reflected in the A board.

Over that some classical RPG stuff should be present (Xp, stuff, spells ...).

Voila for my idea !

Thanks if you took the time to read it despite there is no actual game (and my unperfect english =S)

Feel free to leave me your opinion about it.

Even if the project was too ambitious for an alone guy, I took this challenge to improve as a game designer and I think it worked (a bit at least).

Sources: Github
if you want to check what I had time to do.(disclaimer : There is really NO game xD)


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