PyWeek - Nuclear soda 4 - feedback

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2 3 3

Cool concept.

3 2 4

I find the concept interesting but there are many unpredictable things happening and the only
way to learn about them is to fail repeatedly many times, which turns you a bit frustrating. I'd
enjoy the idea more if it was about the puzzle solving rather than the discovering the rules one
by one (and not having to redo many times challenges 1-4 of the level just to figure out how
platform 5 is working)

3 2 4

Interesting game. Nice concept, although production is very simplistic.

Would have been more fun with a slightly easier learning curve.

3 3 5

I expected a simple jump-on-the-platform-mario-clone-you-now-what-I-mean. I was so

2 2 4

Really cool core mechanic. It reminds me of some of the harder levels of Braid. Unfortunately I
had to give up after 15 minutes on level 3 (after having spent 15 minutes on level 2). The
platforming was just too demanding. For me, when it comes to platformers, the controls need to
be really tight. It takes a lot of work but it's what's important in that genre. Cute and I like
the idea, but I never saw the connection to the theme so I can't justify giving it 5/5 on
Innovation. Not bad overall, I just wish it was a little easier so I could have seen more of it!

3 2 4

Frustratingly addictive! You can see what you should be able to do, but actually doing it is
frustratingly hard! Fortunately the quick resets when you fail keep you coming back.

2 2 4

no sound, too hard to play, I could only complete 1 level, progressive increase of difficulty
would have been nice

3 3 4

I am not good at playing such games, it seemed the platform moved unregular...anyhow it is a
good wasting time game!

5 2 4

This by far the most playable game I've tried so far. Forgive me the low rating for production,
it's fine as it is but I need to leave marking-room for teams who have invested great effort in
the beauty of their product. Alas totally irrelevant to the theme...

2 3 3

Kind of cool idea for platformer, but not sure if this has anything to do with the theme. Also,
the game runs so slowly on my machine that playing it was not fun, and it was very difficult to
control, framerate seemed to randomly vary.

2 2 3

The difficulty curve is too steep, and I stopped at the second level. I like the idea, though.