PyWeek - Not Alone - feedback

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This is an interesting concept. What I like most are the sounds and atmosphere: they made me a
bit creeped out, especially with the shaky creature, so even though the graphics are simple I
think the whole combination of sounds and effects make up for it. I think this is not as much fun
as I wish it would be because it's fairly straightforward to win, and that's the only reason. I
can see the potential though, and I think with some adjustments this game can get very
interesting and fun. For example, if the spotlight could not stray too far away from the
player, it would force the player to take the risk of exploring. In any case, you did a nice work
here, especially on the atmosphere. Congratulations!

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Neat idea, but it wasn't very fun for me to play it.

1 1 1 yes

pygame.font.SysFont shells out to a command that never terminates on my system.

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This noise... And those ragequits

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Love the spooky atmosphere perfect for October. I think you could have balanced the size of
your flashlight/spotlight a little better with the size of the room and the enemies. The
noises genuinely spooked me the first time around. Pretty cool that you got an editor together
in a week, bonus production points for that.

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The way the flashlight worked was kind of weird.

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Good sounds. Actually creepy.

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Creative idea well executed. It was pretty spooky despite being so low-res.

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Wow. I hate scary games. Nearly got a heart attack :) Nice idea. Could maybe use another
constraint (limited spotlight, timelimit or similar), to make it more challenging. Overall
a fun little game.

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I like the minimalism of the game. The sound and the limited visibility are quite effective in
creating a creepy atmosphere even with the sparse graphics. The motion of whatever is in that
room is unsettling as well. Good job!

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Most terrifying game of the competition, the music is super creepy and so is the gameplay. Kind
of cool concept … nice ambiance. Not sure I have the patience to finish, wandering around in the
dark gets frustrating fast. Get killed very easily. I was not sure what I should be looking for
in order to "escape" ...

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This is simple but effective. The music and sounds put some pressure, and the lighting system
is well done, especially the move of the spotlight. I just could not figure out how to get out.

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I really like the idea, but the way it's implemented, it feels less like a horror game and more
like careful button-tapping thing which isn't fun to play. I think this idea would work better
as a 3-D first-person game than a top-down game, and the flashlight shouldn't be so small. I
didn't really get the point of the whole "searchlight scares things away" mechanic. I found
the searchlight to be more useful to quickly find the exit; scaring the things away with the
searchlight sometimes backfired, and I never found a legitimate use for it.

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Oh man... I'll admit, I was a bit surprised with this entry. Before I played it, I noticed that
the description says that it's a "horror game". I didn't think it would be that scary - most
"horror" games are usually either cheap jump-scares or are kind of cheesy thriller types. But
this game... this is the special kind of unsettling-scary that you get from nightmares.

Even as soon as you start this game, it sets the mood with a simple but effective repeating sound
of soft but clashing tones, which immediately made me uneasy. Then, on top of that, it gives you
a very brief bit of plot, telling you all you need to know and the rest is left to the imagination
which to me made me even more uneasy, ahh! Stop that! I haven't even started the actual game, and
already I'm scared xD

I'm glad they gave you directions on how to control the game before you start playing. Most of
the time, games lack this either because it's already in the README or because they didn't
expect the player not to know how to play (or some other, clever reason, but that tends to be
rare). A minor detail, but it goes a long way in this case.

I had to play through a couple of times, but I did manage to complete the game. The game itself is
best played patiently, but the whole time I felt panicky like at any moment I could slip up and
get killed. The way this was done in this game was a good thing - this is, by definition, HORROR.
The game takes advantage of one of our innate instinctual fears - the unknown. It's the reason
why we're afraid of the dark as children, there could either be nothing in the darkness or there
could be something with sharp teeth and claws that wants to pluck your eyeballs out! This is the
reason I gave this entry the "Leave The Light On Tonight" award - this is demented horror at it's

Still, looking at this entry objectively, it is a fairly simple project. It was done well,
considering the genre, the language, and the allotted production time. Not to mention that
all of the elements tied together beautifully. But, alas, something about this project felt
unfinished. Not empty, not lacking, not incomplete. Just unfinished - like, I really wanted
there to be more depth.