PyWeek - self is None - feedback

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2 2 4

Very inspiring concept.

3 3 4

Very interesting concept and very "smart" in itself as well. I thought the use of math jokes brought a pretty good grin to my face, even though I rather dislike math most of the time! The only real complaint I have is it gets a little repetitive after a while. Such as the music, though oddly calming, could have maybe used a little more variation.

4 3 4

Opening the game by quoting a topological theorem has a certain class. I felt it was a shame the game didn't showcase the topological oddities sooner, since for a while it looked like it was only colour; on the other hand, you did quite a good job of teaching the player to play the game. Would have liked some indicator of when your jump has recharged, and I couldn't make head nor tail of the survival mode.

4 5 5

Very nicely done. An awesome idea I've always wanted to experiment with. The music wasn't to my taste. Also I found the controls just a little too hard for me to give a 5 in fun.

4 3 3

3 2 4

4 3 5

I really liked this game. Even though I suck at planning ahead, the gameplay is quite addictive and the flatland-y story fit it quite well. The only area I thought was a bit lacking was the production, as the menu system was very confusing at first and it took me a while to figure out the game starts out paused.

3 3 3

interesting concept and i liked the story mode. however gameplay ended up feeling like a light-cycle game that turns too slow. transferring across the edges just didn't add that much to the game. also i didn't think the game was working until i figured out i had to press p at the first level, should at least put some text that says "press p to unpause and start" at the beginning.

4 4 4

I loved the math-nerd-humor, but the actual game got a bit repetitive after a while :)

3 4 3

Fun with the mathy stuff! Though I couldn't figure out how to jump...

5 3 4

Absolutely loved this game and found it pretty addictive. Great and original...

5 5 5

When it came to planning my paths, I just sort of thought like a video game player. I wonder if I
thought like a mathematician it would make things any easier. Very creative and mindbending!

2 4 4

The control's feeled quite unnatural and I was not able to cope with these - unforunately... Very good idea nevertheless :)

2 3 4

please, add a line 'press p to play' at the help screen.<br>
To planning one need to predict results. I cannot predict which circle will be the next target after touching the actual.<br>
Also, I think you must allow a trajectory's curvature radius less than the target circle radius.

4 3 4

Awesome game! much fun!

4 4 5

Very interesting concept. Fun game.

5 4 4

I don't know why I found this so entertaining. Nicely done.

5 5 5

Great game. Lots of fun. I liked the story line.

4 5 5

Great story Great style

5 3 5

I really like the idea behind this one, and the implementation did not disappoint.

I think you got the balance between action and thought just right. The only improvements I could think of while playing were making the surface continuous and moving it rather than the quill. I see those are already on your todo list, though. :-)

Definitely a game I'll be playing more of in the future.

3 3 4

A fair idea and it works well! Had my wife struggling with it for a night :).

5 4 5

Very original idea; simple controls. Restarting levels in story mode is a little frustrating
because all the dialogue is replayed.

4 4 5

Wow. This is a truly innovative game. Very well done!

4 3 5

Wow I'm impressed. Very interesting game. I liked the conversational parts but you should only show them once.

3 3 4

Really innovative little game following the adventures of a quill on 2-d surfaces with strange topologies. I may come back to it when I'm done judging to explore it a little more.

4 2 4

Nice idea. Probably one of the most original games of this pyweek edition.

5 4 5

Production with some care on a simple and creative game, which can make presence in the indie game scene.