PyWeek - Weedie - feedback

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2 2 2

The gameplay feels unfinished. Growing flowers is a neat idea in itself tho.

2 2 2

Not bad for a first Pyweek entry. The flower and weed graphics look quite nice.

4 4 3

As is, the weeds block the movement between sides of flowers; probably more abilities ( crouch, doublejump ) would help.

1 2 1

Nice effort, though obviously needs a lot more work. Do note however that Windows filenames are not case sensitive... whilst Linux once are. I had to rename weed.png top Weed.png to get it to work.

2 3 3

it gets impossible to move when roses grow too near

1 2 1

you forgot to check capitalization when loading images. But that was easy to fix.

I like how the abstract background represents that people's lives are intertwined and that they are never completely separate from each other, but rather they will inevitably touch each other at some point, even if for a brief, hardly perceptible, moment.

2 2 1

Gameplay is way too slow for this action game to be any fun. Also, the jump physics don't feel really natural, even when neglecting the fact that the game is slow.

Could've been more fun if this game had better physics.

1 2 1

I guess it would be better with something to squish - next time :)

3 3 3

not sure how too clear the roses

3 3 3

Cute game.. just a little strange. ;-)

2 2 2

"Avoid the weeds" -- but how?

1 2 2

It's too hard to clear the roses without taking damage! When I ran out of lives, the game crashed because "false" (lowercase f) is not defined.

2 2 2


1 1 1

Please place the game in a directory within the ZIP file next time!

2 1 1

1 2 3

Well, what should I say... not much fun to play, needs better graphics and sound ;o)

3 3 3 yes

I think you forgot to include some files, because pygame claims that it is missing them.