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"I'm here to defend Zope's honour!" "Looks like you're the only one." --- Quirky and witty. The
music worked well but the controls (well, control) seemed a bit laggy at times. Still fun
though... I made it all the way through without editing the source. :)

5 4 3

Really fun! Played through it more than once.

3 3 4


4 4 4

Damn this got me hooked

3 3 4

OK, concept.

The changing speeds from the tracks was quite fun, and an interesting mechanic. Tended to
suffer from awkward clipping bugs (cart off the screen and so forth), which make some parts
harder than I think was intended.

Graphics were a bit simplistic

2 3 2

The game mechanics are too simple. Something is missing to be a fun and engaging game :(

3 3 2

Lol ruby

4 4 3

Ah this takes me back to Donkey Kong Country rail levels. Great pacing and humor. The simple
controls add a lot. The camera has some significant troubles for me, though, when it got fast. I
could be scrolled completely off the screen and unable to see upcoming jumps.

4 2 2

the python-ruby nemesis topic is a good one, with the game I got bored after a couple of minutes,
but it left a smile on my face :)

3 3 3

This brought back a hint of nostalgia as I do believe the last platformer I played with a mine
cart in one of the levels was Pitfall. Well executed and good production value. Physics are
awesome and levels well thought out. Good job!

2 3 2

An okay game, but it becomes tedious quite quickly.

3 3 2

The Zope versus RoR concept seems a bit stale. Why not Django? However the game was more solid.
The camera was dodgy and some of the jumps seemed to be more punishing than fun, but I liked the
sense of speed that was built up on some of the levels.

3 3 3

nice game but not so innovative

1 1 1 yes

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"can't find module"

3 4 4

highly amusing theme, and the scenes at the start of each level made me chuckle. Good fun too.
Only suggestion is that maybe the cart is a bit jumpy, particularly at the top of the screen?

3 3 3

Level design is annoying in some places. It's okay otherwise.

2 3 1

The sound is a bit annoying...

3 4 3

Whew, what a ride!