PyWeek - A Murder Of Crows - feedback

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3 3 4

I feel like a sick and broken human for liking this, but tearing ragdoll people apart with a flock of crows is great fun. Unfortunately it often felt like the crows didn't have a lot of effect - they seemed to just push the people around a lot of the time and you had to pin them down for what felt like far too long to actually finish them off. Towards the end of the game it seemed pretty impossible to stop many people getting through. Also, I have no idea on what basis the end of the game was triggered - it seemed totally arbitrary.

I did snicker when I realised that the crows can tear people's clothes off.

4 3 4

Nice game. Maybe more levels or something, its's too short game

3 3 3 yes

Sorry, couldn't get it to work. I got a pyglet.resource.ResourceNotFoundException. I'm on Ubuntu.

4 3 4

Oh my goodness! KILL!!

It seems pretty hard to actually kill anyone though.
Lives taken: 6
Limbs Consumed: 116
Survivors: 48

4 4 4

Lots of fun, although it lacks depth. I ended up playing it for a couple of minutes, then wandering off to do other stuff for a while before coming back.

I liked throwing things around, but didn't feel I had enough control to actually accomplish anything. Lots of people escaped because I threw them at the exit instead of back into the middle of the screen.

4 4 3

Enjoyed the soundtrack.

Fun game.

5 5 5

Awesome! Great fun, and cool animations!

If it hadn't been so much fun, I'd been tempted to hit the disqualify button due to the music though..

5 2 4

Cool game! I liked the concept very much :) Some small problems, like that the boxes didn't do much, but fun to play anyway. (what about the music? no copyright?!)

4 3 4

Hilarious :)

2 3 3

The physics is interesting, but I'm not sure that indiscriminate slaughtering of innocent humans is fun, exactly.

2 4 4

Liked it, but I'm pretty sure there were some copyright infringements in this one...

5 5 5

Very nice sound and graphics.

5 4 4

Awesomely fun little game.

2 4 3

The mechanic was satisfying but I was too horrified by the actual concept to enjoy this game. Very Hitchcock.

4 4 4

not much to add :)

3 3 3 yes

How can i install Box2D on Linux?

2 3 4

I felt discomfort while playing this game. Maybe the player identifies with the more human like actor (zombies) and hates to be in the more inhuman role?

1 3 3

Initially a DNW but eventually fixed. Confusingly, extracting overwrites existing files. An strange concept but how do you win? Good graphics except that everything is too small and hard to see (especially with the fog, although that effect was well done).

4 4 2 yes

Too bad you used copyrighted music in your entry (which is against the rules), otherwise you've got a great game.

4 4 4

I laughed so hard when the music started playing. This is an awesome entry.

3 4 4 yes

There's no mention of the music and I'm pretty sure you don't have permission from the artist to use it, so I have to DQ. Otherwise it's a fun toy well executed! Too bad there's no game :(

4 3 4

Some sound effects and more levels would be nice but it's already fun. In a rather disturbing way. O_o

3 3 3

A fun toy! I would have liked to see some game elements introduced. Congratulations.

4 3 3 yes

Yaay fun! :) Good choice of music too. Although, its against the rules to use commercial music
isn't it?

From the rules:

"There should be absolutely no breach of licensing. You can't just cut-n-paste in artwork
from The Simpsons (TM)."

5 4 5

Well that was fantastic. I've tried some jointed rigid body movement and I can't believe you got those figures lurching along like that. Very nice job indeed! Much kudos!

5 4 4

bahahaha! I love it.

3 3 3 yes

I had to install Box2D, but then there was an error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 3, in <module>
from gamelib import main
File "/home/marek/Download/pyweek/a murder of crows/gamelib/", line 3, in <module>
import menucontext
File "/home/marek/Download/pyweek/a murder of crows/gamelib/", line 1, in <module>
from mapcontext import MapContext
File "/home/marek/Download/pyweek/a murder of crows/gamelib/", line 4, in <module>
from crow import Murder, Crow
File "/home/marek/Download/pyweek/a murder of crows/gamelib/", line 6, in <module>
import physics
File "/home/marek/Download/pyweek/a murder of crows/gamelib/", line 6, in <module>
print box2d.b2_maxPairs
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'b2_maxPairs'