PyWeek - MonkeyCow 3000 - feedback

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3 3 3

Nice game, I'd have liked it more if I could have played it single-player.

2 2 3

Cool and ambitious idea but somehow I feel most of entertainment value was lost when shaping it into a game. (in contrast with DiskField for example).
Needs more polish too, but the graphics are ok.

4 3 3

could never understand the terraform!

4 4 4

The music is really lovely. Makes up for the lousy graphics :-)

1 1 1 yes

( Probably related to PGU? I don't know much about PGU. Traceback (most
recent call last): File "", line 16, in main.main() File
"/home/richard/Desktop/PyWeek/wind-gods-1.1/lib/", line 79, in main app, form =
menu.initialize() File "/home/richard/Desktop/PyWeek/wind-gods-1.1/lib/",
line 266, in initialize app = gui.App() File
"/home/richard/Desktop/PyWeek/LIBS/pgu/gui/", line 42, in __init__ theme =
Theme() File "/home/richard/Desktop/PyWeek/LIBS/pgu/gui/", line 41, in
__init__ self._preload(dirs) File
"/home/richard/Desktop/PyWeek/LIBS/pgu/gui/", line 49, in _preload
self._load(d) File "/home/richard/Desktop/PyWeek/LIBS/pgu/gui/", line 72, in
_load raise 'could not find theme '+name could not find theme default

3 3 4


2 2 3

It looks like this game tries to be a skill versus strategy game, but it doesn't really succeed.
Main problem was that the tornados were terribly hard to aim. Perhaps that's part of the
challenge, but it just ended up causing them to be launched in more or less random directions.
The faith points thing didn't work at all: it tilted the balance heavily and almost
irreversably in one player's favor after one turn. This could be a pretty decent game with
improved game design.

2 2 5

Great idea. Desperately needs to be in 3D, and a computer opponent. Can it be made realtime (not turn-based), also?

1 1 1 yes

I download 'pgu' from but not work. I copy 'pgu' folder in the some folder the game, I copy it in the 'lib' folder.... even in the 'data' folder. But don't work

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 15, in <module>
import main
File "/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/interested/wind-gods-1.1/lib/", line 17, in <module>
import menu
File "/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/interested/wind-gods-1.1/lib/", line 4, in <module>
from pgu import gui
ImportError: No module named pgu

2 3 4

Next time please include pgu with your game instead! Shouldnt add that much to the download if you remove all unused stuff.<br>
I think the main gameplay is interesting, raise/lower and put out tornadoes. However the actual game feels unpolished. For example, it felt very slow to modify the land.

1 2 3

I don't understand how the terrain affects the path of the tornadoes. They just seem to go in random directions whatever I do.

1 1 1 yes

External utilities that are not in a standar repository or EGG should come in the game

3 2 4

Cute game, nice idea. Hard to control the twisters - I usually ended up doing more damage to myself.

3 4 3

Excellent production, although it is pretty easy to game it so it is impossible for the opponent to actually get a tornado to hit you. Otherwise, an excellent game.

2 3 3

A few things would have bumped up production for me. Firstly - you should really package PGU
with the game. It makes a horrible mess of my site packages folder. Secondly - the default PGU
style starts to get a bit familier after a while...

4 3 4

becomes unbalanced when first player hits deep

2 1 4

The picture looks better than the game... Original idea though.

4 4 4

Very nice game, indeed..

3 3 4

Nice game and nice idea :)

3 2 3

a nice scorched earth interpretation,
but not well polished.

4 3 4

It is much fun to play this, but only if you have someone else to play with.
How about an AI player next time? (yeah I know.. it's not "just so easy")