PyWeek - Möbius Freak - feedback

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3 2 3

This is nice and cute. Was an interesting toy for 10 minutes or so :-)

5 3 4

Best sound effects evar! I swam like a manta ray. I shot through the sky like an arrow. I sank
ships like an iceberg. I was majestic... I was WHALE!

4 3 4

I really like how these whales handle. I had a lot of fun surfacing from the depths, leaping into
the air, and coming down on a ship, dragging it underwater with me. Neat idea!

3 3 3

long as last as possible? or what?

4 3 3

Quite a fun little game.

The controls are a bit awkward, and the two player mode handles players not being close to each
other rather oddly, but it is otherwise quite amusing.

4 3 3

sound effects!! :)

2 4 2

Production is above average, but game idea is not.

2 2 3

Found it very difficult to build up a charge and hit a ship -perhaps some off-screen object
markers would help?

2 2 2

Funny sound effects, but that's pretty much it. The physics are OK, but the game mechanics are
too simple.

3 3 3

Not bad. Liked the sound effects.

4 4 4

It's a fun game. well doen team. I'll tell you what is deeply satisfying? Jumping high out of the
water and flipping.

I get such a rush

It's like flying

To improve, i'd add some kind of score tracking and meaning to the level ups, they feel pretty
random at this point.

2 3 2

WordComprehensionError: "Surwhaleval"

3 4 5

not so fun but the control are innovative, the idea of a whale named moebius was already in
futurama. sorry.

4 4 4

This game looks pretty sweet visually and is good fun as well, nice work.

2 2 2

Those sound effects...

5 5 4

Amazing. Original idea that was so much fun to play. I could spend all day on this game.

3 2 4

This game was fun to play and the idea was unique. It was certainly a good take on the theme. I
definitely liked the ability to hop out of the water and land on my foes (until I got caught by 3
boats and harpooned to death). Graphics and sound seemed rushed or an after-thought. With a
bit more polish this would make a great mobile game! Well done guys. P.S. So is Mobius-Mobile a
possibility? Hmm? ;)