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looks very unfinished

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Very incomplete, and I'm really not sure where you were intending to go with this, so it's hard
to judge the quality of the idea.

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I like how the collisions work

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Had some problems installing the exact version of the requirements (besides you asked for
PyBox2D but the pypi name is Box2D, confusing!). Anyway looks like it's just a tech demo and not
a game :(

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I like the simple and sleek graphics, but there's not really much content. This could be a fun
game if further developed, but right now, it's more of a demonstration of a rudimentary set of
game mechanics.

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Needs more work to see specific merits of the idea -liked the physics aspect though

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They are red, I am blue, I played your game, and now I'm through.

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Kinda fun, but I'd agree with the author that it's really more of a toy at this point. I did find
out that my personal nemesis is a sea of evil red boxes.

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Glad you had fun and learned something, looking forward to seeing you again next time! :)