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3 2 2

Hey, this game was better than I expected! Gameplay is pretty simple but also addictive. Maybe it's the new tetris...
Very nice integration with the theme, and ok menus and graphics.

3 3 3

once you figure out how to untwist the ropes it get a bit repetitive

5 4 4

great game!!! :) had tons of fun :)

4 4 4

Quite addictive. I played it for a while without even knowing what I was supposed to do.

2 2 3

The levels seemed to last too long.

4 4 4

Fun, creative and well done! It took me some time to understand the rules, but after that I loved

3 3 3

It's much easier to see the game as several independent small puzzles. It could be interesting if the ropes interacted with each other more somehow, but I don't know how that would work. Like you said, it could've been a really cool logic game if you had more time. Anyway, this is a fun game, nice work.

3 3 3

Tetris with a twist, hehe :)
A simple and effective game. Difficulty is well balanced between the different difficulty levels, but I didn't feel it get any harder as the game moves on, which makes it get a bit repetitive.

2 4 3

Good graphics and Interesting game concept. But I think the game is not fun enough.

5 3 4

Its so addictive!

2 3 3

This game had an interesting idea that I didn't think worked out. When clicking in between rows, it'll twist or untwist both sets of rope (above and below). It could be cool in a strategy game, but I found it didn't help much in a timed endurance game; I was too busy reacting to take much advantage of it. Pity; it was a cool idea.

Other than that, it was all right for awhile, but eventually untwisting started to feel more like a chore than a challenge. Also, the control was too loose: moving the mouse quickly and clicking seemed to often register the mouse's previous position.

4 4 4

Nice. Bonus marks for poetry :-)

3 2 4

Quite fun, but it was very hard to work out what I was supposed to be doing. Were the colours meaningful in any way? Also, a few times I had bricks fall through each other, which I don't think was supposed to happen.

5 3 5

Needs some sounds, and some music. Great game though!

3 3 3

It feels like this game got some potential, but the current version gets boring quite fast once
you understand the basic mechanics of the game. I don't know whats missing..

3 4 3

A nice little game, well implemented.
Nothing seem to happen when the required number of rows is reached.

5 2 3

good fun!!

3 3 3

An interesting puzzle, some reminiscent of tetris. It gets a bit dull after a while; perhaps with an incentive to eliminate multiple pieces at a time it could be better (I was too tempted to play at the top or bottom lines, where I untwist a single pair of ropes instead of two pairs)

1 1 1 yes

Game hung on initial window without drawing anything.

4 3 4

Excellent game. Thanks!

3 2 4

even easy is quite hard

2 3 4

( Great idea here. I can see lots of ways it could be better but the idea is a good one. I think this is exactly the sort of game that needs a fast keyboard interface. It could also have done with some sound/music.

1 4 4

is interested

3 3 4

interesting, once I realized if you don't work on the top row you can switch ropes in more than one block at a time.

1 1 1 yes

It just froze... Had to kill it using the task manager...

2 3 2

Funny but very tetris.

3 3 4

Nice start, but simply un-twisting the ropes isn't that challenging. Not bad if you consider the (lack of) time you had, though.. :)

3 3 3

Not bad. Not Great.

2 3 3

a slightly annoying manual bubble-sort algorithm
let the machine do this stuff.

3 3 2

I would like for this game it will have sound.

2 3 3

implementation is pretty slick (though at one point I got a block to fall inside another block), but gameplay wasn't very varied and got old kinda fast

3 3 3 yes

Unfortunately, this entry did not work for me ;/

3 3 3

Pretty fun, gameplay was very repatative though. Not much challenge in it :)

1 1 1 yes

Doesn't work for me.
my system: win xp with python 2.5, pygame and pyopengl

Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.