PyWeek - MindlessGS: The Return - feedback

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3 3 2

A simple mindless shooter. Difficult towards the end. Nice scrolling intro and ending, good graphics and sounds in-game. Kept me playing for a while.

3 2 2

I like the argument, but the game is difficult to play (perhaps it needs levels?).

2 2 2 yes

There's a copyright issue here I belive.
From the readme.txt:
"wav files: "borrowed" from counter-strike, will be replaced in future"

3 3 4

I liked a lot the idea. balancing the difficulty and adding somethign else to the game
(different weapons? movement? not sure) could make it great. The requirement of pygext
should appear in the readme file.

3 4 3

Hmmm, one of those "things just keep getting worse until you die" games. Nice intro text, though.

2 2 3

whoo.. scary.

1 1 1

Sorry, I was unable to get it to run on my Windows machine. :/

4 3 4

Readme doesn't mention Pygext requirement.
Defaults to fullscreen--not cool!
The fuzzy plasma background put me off initially... what can I say, I'm shallow. :-(
Very cool game, though. Nice and frantic.

1 1 1

I won't compile pygest just to try the game (Synaptic didn't find the package), and the game just crash, does not tell me how to install it effortlessly.

1 3 2

Too slow on my hardware.

1 2 2 yes

it didnt use the theme

3 2 1


3 2 1

Unfortunately this game is a clone of Alien Phobia and Crimsonland so I can't give it any innovation points. Its a decent clone so I gave it decent points for fun and production, but I would have really liked to see something different. Also, the enemies are extremely close to Crimsonland so I would have liked to see some more original enemies (possibly ninjas or robots or something?)

3 3 2

Very slick and nifty. Not really my style of game, but with more polish I could see it being fairly popular.

4 4 5

Exceptional gameplay. You should add more level, weapons, powers ups, etc. Maybe even a multiplayer(?)

4 3 2

Based on your diary entry, I guess you didn't really get to finish, that's too bad. If you use the scroll wheel, you have rapid fire shotgun, which is bad for your hit accuracy. It's funny, I had the exact same bug in a crimsonland-in-the-dark type game that I wrote in python for an ld48 a while back. The biggest thing this game needs is a kill count displayed after you die.

4 4 2

The mouse is wierd. Looking at the code, I can't see why, but it seems sluggish.

Also, I can't believe that you couldn't find a good free gunshot sound.

3 3 3

The idea of shotgun flashes in the darkness is cool, and the game runs smoothly. Not displaying the kill count is a bad mistake, however, and a grittier and more realistic graphical style would've fit the game better than the current flashy and bright graphics.

4 3 4

Fun game. It's basically just a Crimsonland-clone with fewer guns and enemies, plus the
darkness thing, which I guess is crucial, but doesn't really massively alter the gameplay.

2 3 1 yes

It was fun when I played Crimsonland or other this kind of games. This game simply doesn't bring
enough new things to make it interesting. I played a couple of rounds for old times' sake. In my
opinion, this game doesn't include a disappearing act and it breaks rules with copyrighted

4 2 4

Points off for using copyrighted sound effects in the game! Should DQ, really. Otherwise fun game, though it'd be nice to have a break from the onslaught every now and then.