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3 4 5

Very easy on the eyes, gameplay was alright but felt like it was missing something.

3 4 5

I think this entry has good potential. I don't think the skill settings were balanced right and
once or twice i got lost (ended up somewhere off screen). The speed of play was a little slow and
there were some other of those types of issues. But it seems like it's a few play, skill, etc
tweaks away from being a very fun game.

3 5 3

Pretty neat, not anything new though, other than the nice theme. :) Would've liked even harder levels! Nice work on the graphics.

4 4 5

I like the graphic style, it's a nice-looking representation of memory. There were a lot of subtleties that added a lot to this game. The green background with the jumbled code adds very nicely to the visual. The difficulty levels as different languages, and high level languages being the ones with less bugs (though I suppose that C++ should be easier than C). The representation of garbage as strings of memory. And, the one I liked the most, how the movement gets heavier the more unfreed memory you have, that's an interesting representation of real memory problems through a game mechanic. Excellent use of theme. The gameplay itself was simple, but very fun. Excellent job.

5 5 4

Wow. All I missed was some nice music.

3 4 4

Clever idea

3 4 2

I always wanted to be a garbage collector. :-)

4 4 3

Not bad at all!

4 5 4

Fantastic game. I'm a big fan of fun, simple, easy to learn games. With so many games to judge, I'm really impressed by those games I can pick up and play right away and instantly have fun. Good job. Great graphics. Great physics, too.

4 4 2

very nice. a bit too easy.

4 4 4

<p>Very nice production (even with simple graphics). The game feels nice, and it's simple, nice, clean fun :).

<p>Liked this entry a lot.

3 3 3

nice arcade style game, a bit repetitive.

4 4 2

Nice little timekiller..

3 4 3

I enjoyed this game :) found it rather easy though, even on assembly

4 4 4

Nice work. I really liked the layout and the usage of theme

4 4 4 yes

Was getting a crash on startup, was due to an unlisted Numpy dependency. I'm glad I got it up and
running though, it was a lot of fun! Reminds me of Tron or the old cartoon Reboot with the world
inside the computer -- nicely done! I really enjoyed the game, thanks! I think my favorite part
was the changing source code in the background depending on what level you were on -- that was
just a classy touch. :-D

3 3 3

Too much programming stuff :)

4 4 4

Quite nice, really..

3 3 4

Fun to play. Original idea.

1 2 2

Toooooooooo slow

2 4 2


4 4 3

the mouse controll feels really right.
polished and nice graphics

Its perfect for a minigame, but probably has a low replayability value.

3 4 4

Nifty idea. I like the way the difficulty goes up the more horrible the language! But in Python,
shouldn't there be extra points for collecting cycles?

BTW, I noticed pauses now and then during play -- you may need to disable gc. :-)

3 4 3

Fun game for a short time. Nice concept too..

4 4 3

Fun little game, does a small thing but does it pretty well. Nicely avoids the pitfalls of programmer art and actually looks pretty good.

5 5 5

Best game so far.
Well done!

4 4 4


3 3 2

Good game. It needs something to make you want to keep playing it, and music is always a nice addition too.