PyWeek - Aerobotics - feedback

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2 4 3

Nice production.

2 3 3

I liked the tutorial mode

1 3 4

I don't found own robot theme is apply.

1 3 3

the game had some production, i just didint like it very much. the idea was somehow innovative, but the game seemed like work. sorry.

4 4 5

Nice done on the game! The tutorial was really well done, and I found it very well paced and helpful. The game levels were pretty fun too, and I'm extremely impressed that you got online high scores submission working so well in just a week -- nicely done! It looks like you were gunning for the "formation" theme, but even so, you fit it well with robot and did a great game. Nice job!<br><br>
The controls were a bit confusing, and it was easy to get overwhelemed, but you did a good job on the easy level and that wasn't too overwhelming at all. Well done!

3 4 5

An interesting game. It felt a bit complicated but I'm sure that would be less of an issue with practice.

2 4 4

Really interesting idea, but all the strange short-commands made me crazy.

2 2 3

I'm colorblind... it was complicated...

4 5 5

Very creative idea!

3 3 5

The keys were a bit awkward - I would have preferred to move with arrow keys and then perform the switches and stuff with the mouse...

1 2 4

Ran cripplingly slow.

3 3 3

Looked like you really wanted Formation, rather than Robot. You should look into fixing the performance in fullscreen mode if that's going to remain the default, I nearly quit immediately because of the 1fps update speed.

3 4 4

Nice idea - rather more formationy than roboty, but what the hey. online highscore was a cool idea.

4 4 5

I couldn't get this to work until I upgraded pygame to 1.8, and I had no idea about arranging planes at first, but once I did, wow it's really awesome. I think you pump up the difficulty too much, and global online high scores ultimately become a way to see just how much you suck compared to the few people at the top end of the bell curve, but it's really great! very fun and addictive.

It's a shame "formation" wasn't the theme though :)

3 2 2

Don't like a robot

2 3 4

Major props for including the tutorial. This looked like it could have been fun, but responsiveness on my machine was too poor to really play it properly.

4 4 5

interesting concept. definitely challenging, and not confusing, the tutorial took care of that. the control system, while clear, was a bit too much.

2 1 3

Robot??? Is a game for two players!

2 1 3

and the robot??

3 4 3

Interesting concept. Twists my brain trying to figure out the patterns. It would be more exciting if you couldn't slow down to an almost crawl, or if it did not appear this way visually. Needs a good beat to go behind it too. ;)

3 5 4

Excellent game. Very complete.
Production was excelent.
Would be nice to have a normalized audio.

4 3 4

Great idea, fun and challenging, had to notch the innovation score down one because I didn't feel robots were represented at all except for in the title of the game

3 4 4

It's very smoothly done, and moderately fun to play.

But be honest, you really wanted the theme to be formation didn't you?

No DQ for that though, it's a nice game.

5 5 5

A lot of fun. Hard to get used to at first, but when I did it was a blast.

1 2 4

Great Great Idea, badly implemented. It ran horribly on the AMD64bit dual core, 2gig ram and nvidia7600gt machine Im using. And it running so badly I think had a great deal to do with it not being fun to play

1 2 3

This game ran extremely slow on my computer to where i could hardly to anything... there were delays between going through the title menus when i pushed up or down.. no matter how slow my computer might be.. it seems that shouldn't be going that slow.

3 2 4

Great gameplay, several difficulty levels are definite plus. Could use more music though.

4 5 4

Very interesting concept, and extremely well done! A bit fishy that it so nicely fits one of the other themes (methinks maybe a bit o' planning was made for formations), but all in all a cool game really well put together!

3 4 4

Interesting idea, although not sure if the thinking and action sides go together all that well - finding myself having to slow right down and think rather than keep a flow going. Also, wouldn't it fit the Formation theme better?

2 4 3

Moving formation isn't real fun. It's well presented and looks pretty nice.

3 4 4 yes

Even though the idea is great and the game is well made, it has nothing to do with the theme -- and no, calling your airplanes "aerobots" does not qualify as a robot theme.

The game left me the impression that it was made before the challenge started, since it fits nicely with the "formation" theme.

3 4 4

It is a very nice idea (even if obviously thought for the "Formation" theme). Not a lot of fun of the "hey, I want to replay it again" thing, but well made overall.

4 4 4

nice done

1 3 3 yes

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s = font.render(l, False, (255, 255, 255))
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3 2 4

You can easily tell that this was origninally an idea for the "Formation" theme. It's ok fun but graphics and music are not so great.

4 4 5

Very nicely done EXCEPT FOR THE MUSIC. Geez I'm glad that stopped playing :)

1 3 4

I received a really low fps, though I had all dependencies installed. - I was using WinXP with
Python 2.5 and PyGame 1.7.1.. - nevertheless nice idea and graphics, sad I could not really
test the game..

I still get the feeling that this game has nearly nothing to do with robots, but rather with
"formation" ;o)

3 3 3 yes

I think that is great for "formation" theme but I don't see the robots. It's funny!

1 3 3

I don't like very much... and Where is robot? These aircraft? hmm...

5 3 5

Very neat idea, works pretty well. Can be a little stressful checking and double checking the colors though.

4 3 4

That is cool! Quite hard, even on the easy setting, but I enjoyed it. I wish I had a dance-pad built for it :)

4 3 5

Fun: I had a lot of fun with your game. The game idea is refreshing and it's very well
implemented. But one thing is that there are too much quick keys ( +q,w,e,...). I was
overwhelmed and so i didn't used them and did all the work manually which was great fun either.
Innovation: This is a great idea and it is obvious that the formation theme is the most fitting
theme, but robot is ok too. Its fun to arange the formation to match the gates and i never played
anything like it before, so for me it's innovation at it's purest! Production: The graphics
are fits their purpose very well and despite the fact that there are not that much special
effects, the game has a clear appealing look. There are two issues to mention. The first thing
is, that i could not finish a level, because after a while the game quits right after i pressed a
key (the last key i remmeber it happend it was 'q'). Also with the standard parameters
(fullscreen & internet) the game was unplayable slow. Running the game in window mode fixed
this and i could enjoy the game. Overall: Great great game! Keep one.

3 4 4

Game quite interesting but impossible to play with a french keyboard.