PyWeek - Mindless Game Studio - feedback

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2 5 4

Nice graphics!

2 3 3

Could've really done with a single player option. Nice graphics and things though.

1 1 1

no comment

3 2 3

Looked good...but...try as I might I could not get my train to do anything.

2 3 4

Interesting idea.

4 3 4

Too bad that the network code behaves so badly (it took a lot of tries to get it working), since
the idea seems to have a lot of merit. It's simple but still very entertaining. The graphics are
very good too.

2 5 3

Looks good.

1 1 1

I have noone to play against so I couldn't play this game :-(

1 4 2

Does not seem to work too well

3 2 1

This game was very difficult to learn but farely interesting once I had.

4 4 4

Wacky fun. And I was only playing it single-player! I have to try to find someone to play it with multiplayer...

3 4 3

only a simple AI is missing, because running a network setup takes a while (to find someone to play with)

4 3 4

This is an interesting game where you must capture your opponents train wagons to gain more
points. You travel around by bidding on track switches. One problem in the game is that there is
no single player, but I hope in the future there will be an AI opponent. The game's visuals are
very good, although the background texture is pretty boring, and the title screen looks a bit
unpolished. There is also a level editor included, but I haven't tried it yet. Nevertheless
it's very nice to have that option, and assuming that the built in levels are made with the same
editor, the editor must be pretty impressive, because the levels don't look like they've been
built from predetermined blocks at all, which is very good and most impressive. The network
code seems to be very buggy. We tried to get a three player game going, but it always ended up with
someone not being able to connect, or the game crashing for someone. Also, it seems like the
bidding system doesn't always work as expected.

3 3 3

Impressive that you managed to get networked multiplayer working so well.

1 2 3

The lack of a single player mode was a real drawback. I couldn't find anybody to play with so couldn't really test it out. Looked nifty though!

2 4 3

There were a lot of nice touches here. The train and smoke were good, and the instrumentation is vey nicely done. Graphically, it's interesting, but I just couldn't really get enthusiastic about the gameplay.

1 1 1

I couldn't get the game working unfortunately. It looks cool though.

It would be good if you had a public internet server working for people without others to play with.